Who We Are

SpiderForest is a casual and not-for-profit collective of quality, free-to-read webcomics. We’re owned and run by a host of volunteer comic creators, and our emphasis is on community collaboration and personal achievement.

For a more in depth explanation of who we are and how we operate, check out our Policy Charter.

What We Do

At SpiderForest, we aim to provide a supportive environment for our members to grow, teach, and build each other up. We offer free hosting to our creators, help newcomers get a website up and running if needed, and cross-promote each others’ work on our social media platforms. Members are also encouraged to host their own events and collaborations through our forums.

Some examples of SpiderForest collaborative projects and events include:


SpiderForest takes applications once or twice a year, and application events are announced on this site as well as our social media outlets. If you’re interested in applying come application season, check out our Application FAQ.

SpiderForest is next open for applications in 2020. Until then, feel free to hang with us on our forums or Discord channel!

Our History

SpiderForest and SpiderSpawn were created in 2004 by Fernando “Ran Jado” Paniagua as a new host for webcomics. SpiderForest originally hosted fantasy comics, while SpiderSpawn was a host for humor comics, but in summer 2008, the two networks merged into one entity, taking the name of SpiderForest.

Ran Jado’s vision for SpiderForest included a strong system of interlinks between members, which can be seen in the rotating banner on nearly all member sites. Many SpiderForest sites are built using Ran Jado’s own ProPanda automation code for webcomic archiving and news systems, but members are free to use whichever archival system they like.