This is a list of SF members who are still active in the network, with the most recent additions to the roster at the top!


Emma Reilly – Halflight

G. Pike – Title Unrelated

Ethan Kocak – Black Mudpuppy

Laura Graves – Witches get Stitches

Mathieu Moyen (Mr. Average) – 6 Commando

H.A. “Chezhnian” Kennedy (creator, writer); Eren Fitzgerald (artist, co-writer) – Tamuran

David Davis, Tobias Van Den Bergh, Michael Kobzik – Cosmic Dash

Sophie Pfrötzschner (Kyu) – Soul’s Journey

Ben Fleuter (bean) – Derelict

Ewa U. – Bits Fair

Rufino Ayuso and David Hueso – Sons of the Forgotten

Melinda Timpone – White Noise

Kristen Kiomall-Evans: XII: Of Magic and Muses

Reed Hawker (Hawk): Culture Shock

Jamil Gonzalez: The Tale of Jasper Gold

Julia Francis (Jewe11s): The Chronicles of Oro

Lulu VanHoagland: Monsterous Mimi

Asfahani: Moon Gone Dark

Eddie Dehais (artist), Scotto Moore (writer): Storm and Desire

Kevin Hayman: Mailbox Rocketship

Dan Butcher: Vanguard

Travis Shearin: Bruno Harm

IZZI: Seamus and Abbie


Maryanne Rose Papke – Xylobone Tomes

Freya Horn – RetroBlade

Rel – Witchery etc.

Starlia Prichard (Starfish) – CastOff

Daniel Sharp – Writer, Sebastian Piriz – Artist, Nickolas Sharp – Producer/Webmaster – The Demon Archives

Aja and 😀 – True Magic

Alli Perry & Jim Perry – Out of my Element

Alyssa Laraine Steele (Thiefy) – The Ferrin

Ryan Smith, Brandon Zuckerman – Accursed Dragon

JD Benefield – Random Battles

Cristina Marin – Ball and Chain

C.A. Morgan – The Draco Universe Graphic Novel

Sid Hargrave – Heracles Knot

Sarah Nelson – Daniel


Felix Wright (Duskglass) – From the Machine

Holly Laing (Artist, Writer) Drew Dailey (Co-Writer) – Terra

Otty Justason and Sonya Somers – Zukahnaut

Monica N.Galvan – MoonSlayer

Rommie – Soul to Call

Blair B. – Star Cross’d Destiny

Kata Kane – Altar Girl

K.A.Maples (writer) – Bad Moon Rising


Emma Pillette – The Sundown Boys

Jessica ‘Alice’ Bown (RedClause) – Damsels Don’t Wear Glasses

Zappit – Supervillainous

Vicky Thavornkant – Bedlam Genesis

Kuri – Evus

Alyssa Alecci (Ayemae) – Lapse


Jody Susskind – Gods of the Game

Robin Dempsey – LeyLines

Ahmed Fahim – Silent Pirate

M Franklin Hance – The IronClad Man

Burrell Gill Jr Editor: Lynne Yoshii – Demon Hunter Kain

Christina Major (Delphina) – Sombulus


Sylvia Odhner – Think Before You Think

Karl Kleese – Willow’s Grove

Denise Randall (Darwin) – Gemutations: Plague/The Only Half Saga

Lucy Lyall (4L2) – Spare Keys for Strange Doors/Kaspall

D. Z. McRoy and Jeffrey Kan – Panthera

Tiffany Ross (Syke) – The Cyantian Chronicles

Jennifer Zyren Smith – LaSalle’s Legacy


Nicoli Gonnella – Keys

J Gray – Mysteries of the Arcana

Heather Meade – Dream*Scar

Joumana Medlej – Malaak

Robin Meyer (ImaginaryGirl) – Real Life Fiction


Briana Higgins – Rune Master: Tales of a Demon Slayer

Caitlin Crowley (Dranxis) – What Nonsense

Sarah Sawyer – The Gods’ Pack

Leah Potyondy-Edens (Mitsukaiten) – Cetiya/Arbalest

Christopher J Paulsen (Chrispy) – Precocious

Kat Feete (Katastrophe) – Sunset Grill

Ally Rom Colthoff (Varethane) – Chirault

Dan VanderWerff (Dutch) – School Spirit

Colby Purcell – Lint/Lintier


Katrina Santoro (Moss) – Cat Legend

Esther Chuah (Crystal) – Catalyst

Alejandro Melchor (Al-X) – Nahast

Nick Perkins – Cooties

Mary Sneddon (Mvmarcz) – The Chronicles of Avernyght/Bad Moon Rising

Tiana – Between Places

Blake Chen – Twilight Lady


Karen Howard (KEZ) – The War of Winds/What it Takes


James Roden – Requiem


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