You heard that right: application season is now open for self-hosted comics from today (August 1st) up through August 22nd! Our application forms, along with what we’re looking for in applicants, can be found here, and further information can be found in our application FAQ.

Conventions & Appearances

Christina Major of Sombulus has officially joined the Webcomic Alliance! Listen to her introductory podcast episode!

David Davis of Cosmic Dash will be appearing at Palm Springs Comic Con from August 26th to the 28th with some rad new Cosmic Dash swag and some mini-comics. Please come see him if you’re in the area!

Witchery etc. will be at Flame Con 2 in Brooklyn, NY on August 20-21!

Comic News & Celebrations

Bits Fair returns from hiatus on August 2nd, picking up from the end of chapter 5!

Soul’s Journey will be back on August 11th with weekly updates.
Bad Moon Rising is celebrating its second anniversary!