SpiderForest offers many benefits to both members and the comic community at large. We encourage you to join our community and see what we have to offer!

Community Benefits

While we accept new members during our application periods, our community is open to all comic creators who want a constructive, friendly place to hone their craft.

The Forum
The forum has been the core of the SpiderForest community activity since its origin. It is open to anyone, regardless of SpiderForest membership.  Join aspiring artists and comic enthusiasts looking for advice, get constructive criticism on your work, or just shoot the breeze! This is also where most member activity will be announced, including voting for new applications to the collective and collective projects.

Discord Chat Room
Our Discord chat is open to anyone, regardless of SpiderForest membership. Join up and chat informally with other comic creators in real time!

Collaborative Projects

We often work together on large and small projects, including art exchanges and contests.


The resources page aims to gather together in one place as much useful information about comic-making as possible. Spiderforest members can supply content such as

– Technical tips & tricks!
– Page walkthroughs
– Speedpaints/sped-up stream recordings
– Printing advice
– Art or writing help
– Texture packs, brush packs, custom fonts
– Downloadable tools

Member Benefits

Comics accepted through our application process receive additional benefits as members of the SpiderForest collective.

Promotion via our Banner Ad network

All SpiderForest members run a small unobtrusive ad for the other member comics in the collective on their sites. Many readers love to explore the comics in the collective.

Promotion via our site and Social Media

We have various social media accounts that can be used to promote your comic and projects. All Spiderforest members can post to any of the accounts below, with content or news related to their own comic, group projects, or SF in general. Even if you’re not on one of these networks, we’ll be happy to post on your behalf to spread the word about your news.

Facebook – This public-facing account lets SpiderForest enthusiasts know about collective news!
Twitter – A place to retweet your comic updates and news! Add #spiderforest to your regular page tweets, we’ll try to retweet them most weekdays.
DeviantArt Community – A showcase for SpiderForest comic-related art and pages!
Tumblr – A place for reblogging your page
SpiderForest.com – Our website is updated at least once a month by dedicated volunteers from the collective. All members get an individual comic listing that automatically bumps to the top of the list when they update. Members can also announce comic news and new merchandise in these posts and we will do our best to feature them!


We regularly book Spiderforest tables at conventions, where we promote the collective and sell products by many Spiderforest members. All SpiderForest members are welcome to join collective tables and booths, or if they can’t make it, to ship products to sell on their behalf. We have attended Small Press Expo since 2013, and hope to add more conventions to our lineup soon!

Website Hosting and Support

SpiderForest provides hosting space and our own custom CMS, ProPanda, making it the perfect home for a new webcomic artist looking to get started. We do not maintain your site or domain name (those are yours to manage as you see fit), but we are all experienced with HTML/CSS and are here to help one another troubleshoot problems.


We maintain a list of all our members’ fundraising efforts on our store page to better spread the word.