You are welcome to participate in our 2019 Charity Drive! Our cause this year will be the Yemen Humanitarian Crisis. All proceeds go to charity, specifically, the World Food Program. Read below for more information!

Yemen Humanitarian Crisis

In 2011 there was a failed political transition in Yemen that escalated into a civil war. Neighboring states were alarmed by this unrest and provided assistance to separate factions. Yemen is now in a stalemate, and its people are caught in the worst famine the region—and perhaps the world–has seen in over 100 years. According to the UN, 75% of the population is at risk for starvation. That is 22.2 million people. Over 400,000 of those people are children. In addition to lack of food, 1 million cases of cholera have been reported since April 2017. As a conservative estimate, over 85,000 children under the age of 5 have died of starvation between 2015 and 2018. The current situation in Yemen may be the world’s worst humanitarian crisis of our time.

While this situation may be blamed on the interference of many countries, we can’t solve the underlying political dilemma. We can however support known and respected organizations in providing food, medicine, and resources for the children of Yemen.

(warning for graphic content, including violence and child victims of malnutrition):

Details of Participation

  • Donated artwork must include original characters (human or otherwise) as children—playing, learning, drawing, having fun! Doing the things kids should be doing (i.e., not starving).

Theme: Kids being kids and having all-ages fun!

Portrait TemplateLandscape Template (Right Click, Save As)

The Basics:


  • This event is open to the international webcomic community. You do not need to be affiliated with SpiderForest in any way to participate.

  • You must have a webcomic (a comic that is available to read online with a direct-linking URL) to participate. Your webcomic project must be available to read in full or in part online.

  • You must have a minimum of 10 completed pages online as part of the same webcomic project to participate.

  • 100% of proceeds will go to charity, minus the cost of the fundraising platform. SpiderForest does not take any percentage of donations.

  • The zine will be used as a reward for donation amounts greater than $1 USD.

  • The zine will be a digital reward only (i.e. The zine will not be printed or resold).
  • All art submissions will be accepted so long as the art is all-ages appropriate and complete (no work in progress). There is no juried process. 

Intellectual Property:

  • All submissions may only involve original characters. IP not otherwise owned by creators and/or in the public domain will not be accepted.

  • SpiderForest claims no IP rights over submitted works, and will never resell the zine for profit.

  • All participants retain full rights over their own illustrations, may not claim rights over others’ illustrations, and agree never to resell the zine for profit.

  • All participants may resell, print, distribute, etc. their own individual illustration as they so wish after conclusion of the campaign.

  • Participants agree not to publicly share their donated image prior to completion of the campaign, but may offer it via pay-to-view platforms such as Patreon early if so desired.

  • Participants may share in-progress versions of their donated art as they so wish, and are encouraged to do so.

Art Format:

  • Each participant or team may submit one piece of art in JPG, PNG, or TIFF format.

  • PNG templates are provided at 300 dpi. Participants must use the templates to assure the correct format. If the template is not used, SpiderForest does not guarantee your image will appear correctly in the zine, nor will SpiderForest be responsible for assuring correct formatting for display. Please use the specifications provided.

  • Image orientation may be in portrait or landscape format.

Art Content:

  • Each participant or team may submit 1 entry. This may be a single illustration or multiple illustrations as long as it fits on the provided template (one page). Narration/speech bubbles may be included at your discretion. Narration or speech must be in English.

  • Art should include a signature(s), but should not contain a URL or comic title. Comic title and URL will be included in a table of contents in a standardized format.

  • All participants will be listed with their name of choice, comic title, comic URL, comic rating (mandatory), and content warning (optional) in a table of contents at the front of zine. Do not include your comic title or URL on your image (see Art Content).

  • Donated art must suitable be for an all-ages audience (nothing above teen/PG-13).

  • Your artwork may be rejected or you may be asked to modify your image if it contains themes not suitable for an all-ages audience, or if the work is partially finished.


  • Participation accrual and advertising will begin on February 1, 2019 with final images due March 15, 2019.

  • SpiderForest will compile the images into a zine by March 31, 2019.

  • All participants will receive an early edition of the zine on March 25 to check for corrections. Participants will have until March 28 to submit changes.

  • Final edits will be made by the SpiderForest team between March 25 and March 31, 2019.

Handling of Funds and Rewards:

  • SpiderForest will organize a two week long charity drive from April 1- April 15.
  •  SpiderForest will not handle, store, or keep any donations.

  • The charity drive will use a donation platform ( provided by the World Food Program, and all proceeds will be donated directly to the World Food Program, earmarked for Yemen.
  • All donators will receive a Thank You email with a link to download the Zine as a PDF immediately after donating.

  • Immediately after the campaign concludes, the zine will be available for download for free as a permanent link on the fundraising page, and all participants will receive a copy if they haven’t already received one by donating.

When you are ready to submit your artwork, go here!