01 Mar

SpiderForest News for March 2020

Wishing all SpiderForest members the best of luck as the year Marches on!

Our March header comes to you courtesy of Christina Major, Lee, and Keiiii. Characters featured from The Guide to a Healthy Relationship, October 20, Arbalest, Numb, and Daniel!

XII’s Latest Kickstarter!

The Kickstarter to print XII: Of Magic and Muses, Volume 2: Mischief, has only a few days left! You’ll be able to get 700 full colour pages in a book or digital bundle – or an option to add on our standees from our last Kickstarter!
You can follow the link to the Kickstarter here!

Other Happenings in the Forest!

After more than a year off, The Demon Archives is coming off of hiatus! Chapter 15 will start posting monthly starting March 1st, featuring a new artist, Neri Rearte.

Niina Eveliina‘s short comic “Honey & Janice: Afterlife escorts” -print is now out! The story follows two demons who get an uncommon mission from upstairs. You can find it from Niina’s freshly opened Etsy store.

Write a letter to a Heart of Keol character! You just might get to see your recipient responding.

See Christina Major of Sombulus at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, March 12-15! She’ll be in the Artists Alley, table MM10!

Michael returns from its chapter break March 9th with “Out of the Bag”. With Halloween over and November rolling through, Michael is less than happy to have to jump back into hiding… but we all know that’s only going to last so long.

Beneath the Clouds‘s main story arc finished on the 17th of February, 2020. The comic will be on hiatus in March and will continue on 6th April with three short stories set in the same world (in COLOUR)!

Donate any amount to Christina Major of Sombulus through Patreon or Gumroad in the month of March and get a Sombulus wallpaper 4-pack as thanks!

Alethia chapter 13 will be released on itch.io in March.

01 Sep

September News

SpiderForest will be tabling at Small Press Expo (SPX) Sept 16-17th! You can find them at table A14. List of exhibitors: Kata Kane, Christopher Paulsen, Matthieu Moyen, Alyssa Alecci, Izzy Ross, Jennifer Zyren Smith.


Altar Girl / Kata Kane will be at Baltimore Comic Con Sept 22-24th.
Kata’s new book series ANA AND THE COSMIC RACE (Amy Chu / Kata Kane) will be in-stores late September. Order code is JUL172058 so please spread the word and help get the book in to your local comic shops!


Darwin Comics is going on Hiatus for the month of October! If you’re a fan of The Only Half Saga or Gemutations: Plague, Darwin is making an all call for fan arts, short comics, drabbles, or anything else in either universe to help her fill out the gaps! If you’re interested in helping, click any contact button on Darwin Comics, Gemutations Plague, or The Only Half Saga! All contributions should be sent to Darwin NLT September 22nd! She thanks you from the bottom of her heart!



Kevin Hayman of Mailbox Rocketship will be at the Memphis Comic Expo in Memphis, Tennessee September 16th and 17th at the Agricenter! He’ll be selling prints, original art, and signing/chatting! Tickets available here: TICKETS



Soul to Call will be going on break for the month while Rommie works on the script and rebuilding her buffer. Guest art will be posted in the meantime. The comic will return with Chapter 6 on OCTOBER 2nd!



MoonSlayer returns September 4th! With a new layout, and lots of new content!

New digital content available:

MoonSlayer Sketchbook I -digital-

and… MoonSlayer Sketchbook I -special printed edition- preorder starts this month!

The Spider and the Thorn (short story + extras)




The Cyantian Chronicles just turned 19! Come and see how far it’s come and where it’s going!



Castoff returns from hiatus on Friday, September 1st!



Lapse has entered Chapter 5!

03 May

May News

Chirault Kickstarter

Chirault is running a Kickstarter campaign for Volume 3! Check it out for books, prints, custom art, and cameo opportunities!

Also, Varethane will be signing books on Free Comic Book Day (May 6th) at Page & Panel (the TCAF shop) from 11-2, and at The Beguiling from 2-5. You can see more information here! Copies of Chirault Volume 1 and 2 will be available, as well as sketches for visitors.


Episodes 2 and 3 of the SpiderForest podcast have launched. Check them out below!


Christina Major of
Sombulus will be at Phoenix Comicon May 25-28!

Kata Kane of Altar Girl will be at Free Comic Book Day May 6th at Collectors Corner in Parkville, MD, and at Tidewater Comic Con May 13-14th in Virginia Beach, VA.

Laura Graves will be at TCAF with the collected chapter available!

Robin Childs of LeyLines will be at Free Comic Book Day (FCBD on May 6th) at Mile High Comics in Denver (4600 Jason Street, Denver CO, 80211). It is a FREE EVENT at the country’s largest comics dealership, with 45,000 Square Feet of Comics, Books, Toys & Collectibles! Should be a fun event for all.



Soul’s Journey will be on break for the month of May. You can, however, ask the characters questions!
Witches Get Stitches is returning from hiatus with a new 666 Bistro chapter! Updates to start on May 7th posting every other week (until life slows down)!
Altar Girl will be back from hiatus soon as Kata finishes up on her two new books with Papercutz “Charmz” line.

Darwin Comics (The Only Half Saga and Gemutations) will be going on a hiatus from May 8th through the 31st. Updates will resume on June First with The Only Half Saga. Stay tuned to Darwin Comics for updates and official word on the return.



Lapse has reached the end of Chapter 4, and its halfway-point. If you’re not caught up, now’s a good time to check it out! It will also jump back into weekly updates August 3rd!

Sombulus has started up Act 7 and is turning 7 years old on May 16!

Saffron and Sage has a new website. In addition to a more stylish look, it also now hosts writer Daniel Kelly’s previous comic, Legend of the Hare, in its entirety

“Ana and the Cosmic Race” by Amy Chu and Kata Kane is available for pre-order now! Contact your local comic shop and use order code MAR171967 or MAR171968 for paperback and hardcover editions.

01 Feb

News for February, and Application Season!

Application Season is upon us!

Have a long form or strip comic? Do you want to join a community of like-minded creators out to help in personal and professional growth? SpiderForest’s February Application Season runs from February 1st-18th! Polish up your application and give it a go! Be sure to take a look at our guidelines and join the forum to get a feel for our community!

We have a brand new Discord chat room called the Webcomic Clinic dedicated to giving helpful, friendly feedback on your webcomic art! Join the SpiderForest server on Discord here!

My Hero! by Jim Perry and Alli Myers-Perry has been welcomed into SpiderForest! My Hero! follows Hasera, an arguably unqualified Guardian who has been assigned the Champion of her dreams: renowned hero, the Lark.
However, there are two sayings she should have remembered: “Be careful what you wish for,” and “never meet your idols.”

Of Dhampirs and Warlocks kicked off “Laying Down the Law” on January 19th! Cabal and Miranda must make a decision about the vampires and humans who now populate the lower halls. Will they be allowed to become permanent residents? What kinds of rules will they have to follow for the privilege?

Seamus and Abbie has launched a Kickstarter with the intent of publishing the comic in paperback! Please check it out and lend your support!

Mailbox Rocketship returns this month, and has revamped the rewards on its Patreon!

Chapter three of Hercules Knot ends on February 15th, and the comic will be on a 2-week break before chapter 4 starts up!

01 Nov

SpiderForest News for November

The SpiderForest Coloring Book has been Kickstarted and successfully funded! Thank you to everyone who backed the project and helped make it a success!

Darwin Comics returns in the month of November! The Only Half Saga picks up where it left off with Decisions, Decisions page six on November 3rd! Plague comes roaring back November 7th with the second to last chapter “The End of the Matter.”
Laura Graves of Witches Get Stitches will be at ShortRun November 5th, and Jet City November 6th! Her new comic, Meat Sweats, will also be available online later this month.
The website for Soul’s Journey received a makeover and shines with new colors now.
Kez of What it Takes is gettin’ murried! There will be a 2 week break from comics during which some amazing guest art will be posted! Comics will resume November 21st.

Lastly, thanks everyone who has supported the Comic of the Week participants thus far. They’re really enjoying the readership spikes! The cross promotion continues throughout the month of November.

Until next time, SpiderFolks!

01 Aug

August News: Applications Open Now!

You heard that right: application season is now open for self-hosted comics from today (August 1st) up through August 22nd! Our application forms, along with what we’re looking for in applicants, can be found here, and further information can be found in our application FAQ.

Conventions & Appearances

Christina Major of Sombulus has officially joined the Webcomic Alliance! Listen to her introductory podcast episode!

David Davis of Cosmic Dash will be appearing at Palm Springs Comic Con from August 26th to the 28th with some rad new Cosmic Dash swag and some mini-comics. Please come see him if you’re in the area!

Witchery etc. will be at Flame Con 2 in Brooklyn, NY on August 20-21!

Comic News & Celebrations

Bits Fair returns from hiatus on August 2nd, picking up from the end of chapter 5!

Soul’s Journey will be back on August 11th with weekly updates.
Bad Moon Rising is celebrating its second anniversary!