01 Jan

SpiderForest News for January 2021

As 2020 winds up, SpiderForest creators and teams take a retrospective look on their accomplishments and plan for the coming year. Our header reflects this by bringing back all of 2020’s headers for one final hurrah of the old year!

We are all looking forward to what 2021 brings! What is in store for SpiderForest? What community and public projects will the new year bring? Stay tuned and find out!

SpiderForest is on Spotify!

SpiderForest is continuing to grow our monthly themed Spotify playlists! We already have quite a variety, and the latest addition is December’s theme “In the Presence of a God” (with cover art from Sombulus by Christina Major). Follow us on Spotify for hours of eclectic listening to match you mood or creative project!

“Huzzah” Premieres!

It is our honor and privilege to welcome Huzzah into the SpiderForest lineup!

Join Gus and his niece Lily as they open a tavern and inn along a well-traveled road – one that attracts an eclectic cast of mercenaries, scoundrels, and adventurers!

Huzzah is a brand new webcomic project by long time member Zappit – creator of the super-funny Supervillainous.

Happenings Around the Forest!

Piff, the esteemed Lord of the Realm, is bored! Why not cheer them up with fan mail? Send in questions, comments or a simple “hi” by email and get a lordly response in an upcoming Fan Mail to Lord comic!

XII: Of Magic and Muses is returning from it’s winter hiatus January 4th with Chapter 22: Tattle Tale. As an extra treat, it will now be updating 6 days a week – Monday to Saturday.
But before that, why not check out all the lovely guest art we’ve received over the past year from wonderful artists!
And a small reminder that we’ll be finishing off the series in print with our Kickstarter for Vol 3: Malice Kickstarting February 1st!

Sombulus is returning from hiatus with new pages at sombulus.com on January 5, and new for 2021, on Webtoon! Subscribe and enjoy the world of Sombulus all over again from the very beginning, now in mobile-friendly scrolling format!

Fighting Dreamers took a bit of a break for the holidays, but should be back in action by January 6th, barring any other outside distractions coming in that month.

Another chapter of Fate is finished and will return with chapter 6 on January 19th. During the hiatus, Fate will be open to Reader Questions which can be asked (then read) on the Fatecomic.com, Tapas and Patreon.

Soul’s Journey will return on Jan 28th.

02 Nov

SpiderForest News for November 2020

Our November Header comes to you with a small sneak peek at all of the contributors to Threads: Secret Places with the frame and images compiled by Duskglass who makes “From the Machine.”

Well now, November snuck up on us didn’t it? Wasn’t it just August? Time for some warm fires, hot cocoa, holidays and loved ones! SpiderForest hopes that you’ll cozy up to some member comics to help pass those longer, colder nights!

Kickstarter Ends November 13th!

ENDING ON NOVEMBER 13 – Our campaign for Threads: Secret Places finishes up November 13! Help us reach our funding goal and get a copy of this lovely book of short stories!


Now Recharging is wrapping up an eventful Chapter 7 full of gladiatorbot friends. A fresh new tale will be told in Chapter 8, starting this month!

Soul’s Journey will start Chapter 7 – the penultimate chapter!

With the end of Chapter 7, Soul to Call has concluded its second story arc! Chapter 8 has already begun, and with it, a brand new adventure rife with monsters and struggles.

The webcomic Fate, created by Anthea West, will be reaching the milestone of 200 pages on November 3rd!

Hiatus and Returns!

See You in 2021!

Beneath the Clouds will be going on hiatus on 18th November 2020 and will return with the final short story on 4th January 2021!

Sombulus wraps up Act 9 this month! Be sure to tune in for the final pages and look for Act 10 in 2021

Magic and Muses is releasing its final chapter of 2020 with Chapter 21: Molten Heart. After that the comic will be taking a brief hiatus for the month of December and showing off the amazing XII art we’ve received over the past year!
Magic and Muses will be returning January 4th and updating a 6 days a week while we prep for the trilogy’s final Kickstarter!

Hello again!

Darwin Comics resumes normal updates on the week of November 2nd! Michael will kick it off on Monday the 2nd and The Devil’s Own will follow Thursday the 5th! Now’s a good time to get caught up on the action! Thank you for all those who contributed art for the hiatus!

Littlelight Asylum is back with the start of issue #3!

Court of Roses has made its official return with its next chapter, “Notte”! Thank you all for enjoying the Guest Art this past October!

02 Oct

SpiderForest News for October!

October is upon us and in the spirit of the season, Creators were asked to dress up SpiderFriend as one of their favorite characters! From top to bottom we have: Wraith by Fairy-Fort, Emmie by Maiji,  Ombrafriend by Lee, Saga by Silver Kraken,  Cabarachnid by Darwin,  Bunny Spider by Anthea,  Merlowspider by Nutty

Threads: Secret Places Anthology Kickstarter!

SpiderForest is excited to announce our fourth comic anthology will be funding this month on Kickstarter! Follow here to get your copy when our campaign launches October 12!

broken Indiegogo!

broken, a dark fantasy story about a fairy general and an undead psychic facing an apocalypse brought by eldritch abominations, is launching an Indiegogo campaign to print the first four chapters together in Book 1. Rewards also include prints, buttons, and a custom illustration.

Hiatus and Return

Terrafold begins Chapter 4 – Red, after a short break on October 6th.

Chapter 3 of Court of Roses, “The Goblin Lair”, reaches its end on October 1st! A 3-week break follows, full of fantastic guest art for the comic! Chapter 4, “Notte”, will begin on October 26th!

Millennium will be on hiatus for the month of October, we will return on November 2nd!

Merch and More!

Of Dhampirs and Warlocks novelization is debuting October 15th! Preorders on Kindle available now!

Lee is offering new merch in his Gumroad store. Get your own Children of Shadow themed charms and mini-prints!

Gifts of wandering ice – Book 1 – Tip of the iceberg is now available as an e-book on Gumroad (254 pages pdf). Min price is only 1$ but you can add a tip if you want.

Additionally, the first GWI fanart contest is on!
All participants will get an “Ice Gift” ebook. The winner will get a real paper book with the same story.

03 Aug

SpiderForest News for August 2020!

SpiderForest characters have been missing their buds! Time for a good ole Vroom meeting with all their faux pas! In attendance is Sydney, Astyr, and Cioara from Sombulus, SpiderFriend doing their hardest to keep things organized, Franquelim from O’Sarilho, Tovio, Rosmary, and Rocky from Ingress, Keti from Black Market Magic, Lucifer and Thal from Vagary, Yasha from Terrafold, and Chimalli from Corner the Maze


Sombulus celebrated its 900th page last month! Go catch up on this epic adventure through magical worlds and unlikely friendships!

“One summer night in 1987, six friends sat down to play a game…” Gods of the Game has concluded after a nine year run! Enjoy the two page epilogue.


Kez is heckin slammed at work being a doctor person (wear a mask!!) so any What it Takes guest art would be really really appreciated.

Darwin Comics will be on a planned hiatus in October and is calling for guest art for Michael and The Devil’s Own! Contact Darwin for details! She thanks you in advance!

Arbalest will be on break for the month of August for Kai’s Semi-Annual Page Buffer Refresh (And/Or Vacation). Regular updates are planned to resume September third.

The current chapter of Court of Roses will be ending on October 1st, followed by a three-week break. The comic will return October 26th, but in the meantime there’s a call Guest Art during the break! Contact Nutty via Twitter (@nintendonut1) or email.


Fighting Dreamers is coming off hiatus on August 5th, where the intermission in progress will finish off and CH7 is already underway behind the scenes. That should start sometime in September and keep things going for a good while!

Soul’s Journey is coming off hiatus on Aug 20.

XII: Of Magic and Muses is running head first into Chapter 19: Tripwire, and if that’s not enough – our Kickstarter for our next batch of standees has kicked off! Be sure to follow the link for updates!

01 Jun

SpiderForest News for June 2020

Our Creators are swept up in the Animal Crossing craze! In true AC style we have from left to right: Aloe by Glowbat, Ariana and Vector by Star, Rocky, Toivo, and Rosemary by Kayotics, Sandy, Patches, and Stewie by Mannykat, and Saga by Maryanne

Spiderforest App Season’s Nearly Here!

That’s right, it’s that time of year again! From the 8th through the 30 of June we will be accepting applications for membership!

If you have a long form comic with at least one complete non-prologue chapter or a strip comic with at least twenty five strips – If you have been looking for a supportive community to share your passion for webcomic creation, here is your opportunity to shine!

Please check out our Apply Page and FAQ for all the requirements! Good luck to any and all who apply!

Kickstarters and Other Merch!

Sophie, creator of Soul’s Journey, is kickstarting her short story “Silent Ocean” between May 31 and June 30. Help fund this project so you can pick up this forty page full color mini-comic for your collection!

Small town kids dealing with normal teen problems like low self-esteem and ghostly possession. Check out Evil Witch Allie and the Book of Secrets on Indiegogo!

Completed chapters of Children of Shadow: Ashes are now available for purchase as downloadable PDFs on Gumroad! Immerse yourself in an urban fantasy horror comic where woodland animals and teens with supernatural powers must work together to save both Earth and its sister-world from a plague of twisted monsters, all whilst battling their own inner demons.

The Soul’s Journey store has undergone an update and expansion, making available several comics, various prints and original art.

Sophie will also be exhibiting at the Zelda Creator Con, an online convention hosted by Linktober taking place June 12-14.

Beneath the Clouds Reviewed!

Beneath the Clouds was kindly reviewed by Alkyne of Exploring Comics. Check it out there and also on their YouTube Channel (with English subtitles). Or catch up on some short stories featuring legends of old Japan at Beneath the Clouds!

Fun and Games

Gheralf and Vayandil of Realm of Owls have a brand new blog! Bop up at Owl Basket Blog to read some sketchy thoughts about games, comics – and life in general! Updates occur whenever either of them has something to say. (^◊^)≺❬•••❭

“Ice Gift Hunt” – a free game based on the sci-fi comic “Gifts of Wandering Ice” – is back with new stories, illustrations, endings, and more.
The game is free to play and runs right in your browser, there is no need to download anything.


Black Shallows has been renamed to Terrafold, and has a new home over at terrafold.com! Check it out and reset your RSS feed!

At eleven chapters, Sarah Nelson’s depression-era vampire comic, DANIEL, has concluded. Now you can read all of this frightening story of an unfortunate man turned vampire, either for the first time or on a revisit! It is a most grave tale of horror.

Hiatus and Return

After almost 4 years, Xylobone Tomes is making its return June 4th! Though the pages will not be inked right away, pencilled versions will be posted every Thursday. Read more about it and catch up on the archives.

O Sarilho has completed its fourth chapter and will be taking a three week break. Chapter Five – The Foreigner – starts on June 25th!

Heirs of the Veil will go into hiatus during the summer and will return early August with the rest of chapter 4!

01 Apr

SpiderForest News for April ’20

What’s going on? Seems our creators have decided they didn’t like their current genres anymore and have decided to reclassify the story they’re telling! Such a refreshing change, right?

This April Fool’s Genre Swap header comes to us by the ever talented collection of creators here at the Forest! Featuring Merlow from Court of Roses by Kelsey Peterson, Steffano from O Sarilho by Shizamura, Oni from Children of Shadow: Ashes by Lee Colagiacomo, Jun from Alethia by Kristina Stipetic, Fin from Aloe by Glowbat, and Willow from XII: Of Magic and Muses by Kristen Kiomall-Evans

A Message from the Community.

We here at SpiderForest want to take a moment to wish you all safety and well-being through the current health crises. While you Shelter in Place, know we’re thinking of you and yours. We can get through this together! All the best as we weather this storm.

Corner the Maze Concludes!

After four exciting years, Corner the Maze has reached the end of the story! The comic can be read on the website from start to finish, and Volume II: Breaking Away is now on sale.

Ice Gift on Sale!

Did you know that “Gifts of Wandering Ice“, a long sci-fi comic with dozens of characters and a ton of events, is based on a short story? Well, now you can read it!
“Ice gift” is a 24 pages long book where every page is a full-colour illustration. And it costs just 1$ 🙂

Happy Anniversary!

Castoff will be celebrating its 5th anniversary this month, and is holding a month-long special event to celebrate! Check out all the details here!

Arbalest turns 4 years old on April 11! Kick back and celebrate isolation with… a comic about isolation. Just with more monsters. Cheers!

Comings and Goings in the Forest!

On April 1st, Heart of Keol returns from its month-long break to start a new chapter!

Numb’s chapter 8 is coming to it’s close this month.

Starting April 9th Soul’s Journey will go on an indefinite hiatus. A short side story featuring Kanar will post during the break.

Check out Sophie’s Patreon for a behind the scenes look at the upcoming content.

Open Commissions!

Kelsey of “Court of Roses” is available for commissions! Check out their rates!

Sophie of “Soul’s Journey” is also available for commissions.

Shizamura of “O Sarilho” is also available for commissions.

03 Feb

SpiderForest News for February 2020

Winter begins to give over to spring! And as things begin to thaw, the SpiderForest creators are ramping up for some awesome events for the shortest month of the year!

Our Valentine’s Day themed header comes to you courtesy of Jabbage (Halisi/Bouquet of Squishies from Earth in a Pocket), Lee (Ombra from Children of Shadow: Ashes), Nutty (Merlow from Court of Roses), Deo (Kessiah from Millennium), and Mr. Average (Ilya from 6-Commando)

XII’s Latest Kickstarter!

XII: Of Magic and Muses is Kickstarting Volume 2: Mischief, with the hopes to go to print just as the first few pages are hitting the site! You’ll be able to get 700 full colour pages in a book or digital bundle – or an option to add on our standees from our last Kickstarter!
You can follow the link to the Kickstarter here!

Other Happenings in the Forest!

Court of Roses has not only begun Chapter 3, “The Goblin Lair”, but also celebrates its 2nd Anniversary on February 5th!

Sombulus returns with Chapter 9, and a new tier on Delphina’s Patreon to see early pages!

TOHS: The Devil’s Own returns from a two week chapter break on February 6th with the latest chapter Massacre. Relieved of duty, the Devil’s Own find that events aren’t waiting for their return to blow up further…

Children of Shadow: Ashes has begun mirroring on Tapas! If archive-binging isn’t your thing, this is a great chance to follow the comic from the beginning!

01 Dec

SpiderForest News for December ’19

No matter what you celebrate, we at the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective are wishing you and yours a safe, happy Holiday Season! May it be filled with family, friends, and good tidings!

New with The Only Half Saga

Lots going on with The Only Half Saga (and Darwin Comics in general)! On December 2nd, the newest TOHS novel Rise of the Crimson Death will be released in print and Kindle formats! A prequel to The Devil’s Own, it will fill in some gaps on what’s happening in comic!

On the same day, each story arc of TOHS will be premiered on their own sites! Check on the new looks (in order of story lines): Before the Fall, Endgame, Of Dhampirs, and The Devil’s Own!


Soul to Call will be celebrating its 6th anniversary on December 16th!

December 6th marks the 800th page of Flaky Pastry! As is tradition, that means something big is going to happen. What exactly? YOU decide!

Winter Breaks

Aloe concludes it’s fourth chapter on November 29th and will return in January after a month long hiatus

Arbalest is on vacation for the month of December! Regular updates will resume January 6, 2020.

Sombulus wraps up Act 8 this month, and will be resuming with Act 9 after a short break on February 4.

XII: Of Magic and Muses is on hiatus for the holiday break. If you have any fan art or xiisonas you would like featured during our down time, please tag us on our Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter.
We will be returning Monday January 6th, and changing our posting schedule to Monday to Thursday. Be sure to follow to keep an eye on our Kickstarter for Volume 2: Mischief starting in February.

02 Nov

SpiderForest News for November ’19

The turning of the season is upon us! Leaves begin to turn colors while mornings and evenings are crisp and cool. Shorter days and longer nights. The conditions are just right to bundle up with some friends and some cocoa, and enjoy the news from our SpiderForest Creators!

SpiderForest Creators’ Con Schedule

Come see Christina Major of Sombulus at 219A, J. Alice Bown of Damsels Don’t Wear Glasses at 109A, and Ally Nuttall and Emily Brady of Footloose Comics at 21A at Thought Bubble on November 9-10 in Harrogate, England!

Kay Rossbach of Ingress Adventuring Company will be tabling at Daisho Con in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin from November 22-24. Come say hi!

Kristina of Alethia will be exhibiting at Kaigai Manga Fest in Kitakyushu, Japan, on November 30-Dec 1.

Calls for Guest Art!

Manny/Sarah is looking for some Fighting Dreamers Guest Comics/Art before December 1st, since she’s going on hiatus for all of December and she’s gonna need some help filling in the blanks. More detailed info HERE on the main site

XII: Of Magic and Muses will be going on hiatus for the holiday break. If you have any fan art or xiisonas you would like featured during our down time, please tag us on our Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter.


Congratulations to Zappit, whose webcomic Supervillainous came to an end on Friday, October 25, with its 624th update. After more than six years, Zappit has brought the story of The Crimson Claw and his family to an end. As for Zap, he’s starting work on his next project.

New Chapters!

A Twisted Reflection, Chapter 9 of Children of Shadow, begins on November 5th.

Chapter 12 of Alethia will be released on itch.io in November. Weekly updates will start the same week as the itch.io release.

This month’s header is Spiderfriend, created by Flowerlark of Ashes: Children of Shadow, having a great time playing in all the colorful fall leaves!

01 Aug

SpiderForest News for August ’19

Threads: Haunted Headed to Print!

Thanks to our 204 backers we’ve been able to successfully fund our Fourth Kickstarter, raising nearly $7,000 to bring our third Anthology to print! Haunted will contain 20 short, spooky stories from our comic creators and we even have the bonus of stickers for all print tiers! Supporters should be seeing their survey’s as soon as the funding clears! Be on the look out! And from all of us here at SpiderForest, THANK YOU for your support!

Thanks for all the Apps!

Applications for the Summer of 2019 are now closed! Thank you all for applying for consideration to become a member! We will be deliberating and voting during the month of August, with the aim of having all results returned in early September! Best of luck to all who submitted!

Stop by our Forums or our Discord to chat, come and hang out, and get to know us while you await the word!

Cons and Other Money Makers!

Manny (Sarah) will be at Terrificon from August 9th-11th. Pick up Volume 1 of Fighting Dreamers, featuring the first 5 chapters, plus awesome extras! If you happen to be in the CT area, head on over and say hi! Leftover stock will be available on her ETSY after the con concludes!

Christina Major of Sombulus will be at Silicon Valley Comic Con August 16-18 in the Artist Alley at table 90A! Check out her Sombulus books and other fun geeky things!

Did you miss out on the first Magic and Muses Kickstarter? Have no fear, our standees are here and bringing some cool books as a reward at a discounted price! Grab a 6 inch double sided magical girl standee for your bookshelf and with enough luck, we could fund the whole set! This Kickstarter only goes for a few more days!

Hiatuses and Returns!

Last Traveler will be on Summer Hiatus for part of the month of August. Check in during the break for special art, with regular updates resuming on Wednesday August 21st!

Arbalest will [continue to] be on Summer break for the month of August, returning on September 2.

Ingress Adventuring Company is back from its break with the start of chapter 4! Check out what Toivo and the crew are up to! Regular updates on Thursdays.

Retroblade is coming back from hiatus, and will be updating again in August!

Soul’s Journey concludes its fifth chapter on Aug 1st and will head into an intermission after a break week on Aug 15th.

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