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An amateur ghost hunter gets kidnapped by a lich and his friends to help them hunt ghosts. By dancing.
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  • Created by: mcglory
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  • Rated   M
  • Content Warnings: blood/gore [moderate], body horror [moderate], mental illness [explicit], self-harm [implied], sexual themes [moderate], violence [moderate]
  • Status: Active
  • Update Day(s): Wednesdays
  • Summary: Simon is a self-proclaimed ghost hunter who is being haunted by a mysterious spirit in his home. His best friend Chakor, who just so happens to be a lich, promises him that with the help of his own ghost hunting dance squad they can fight the monster and end it's violent outbursts. Unbeknownst to them, this unknown spirit is way more than any of them bargained for...but it was exactly what Chakor was hoping for.
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