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100 years after World War 3, Minerva is a lone beacon of civilization in a chaotic world.
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  • Created by: Daniel Sharp [Writer]
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  • Rated   T
  • Content Warnings: blood/gore [explicit-y], profanity [mild], violence [explicit]
  • Status: Active
  • Update Day(s): Monthly
  • Summary: Set in 22nd century Earth, over 100 years after the 3rd World War, the Demon Archives tells the survivors’ stories as they struggle to rebuild civilization. Minerva, one of the few high tech organizations that survived the War, established a beacon of hope in the dreary wasteland of central Asia. The story follows Tenzin, a Minervan soldier, and his Oracle AI, Jane, as they fight to protect the ideals Minerva stands for from foes both external and internal.
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