Alien Dice

Aliens love to play elaborate games, but the dice they use are alive and sapient.


Alien Dice is a scifi/fantasy comic taking place on present day Earth. Lexx, who was ‘drafted’ into a dangerous fighting game by the virtue of being an orphan is on the last round of his game and a breath away from freedom. One complication stands in his way. An outspoken human female named Chel. You know how it goes: guy steals cat, girl shoots guy, guy makes a deal to take girl with him so she won’t hurt him again. And one more complication… 9 days in and he might be in love.





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About this comic:

  • Started: March 2001
  • Creator(s): Tiffany Ross
  • URL:
  • Check it out if you like: Anthro, Drama, Sci-fi