Bedlam Genesis

Gods are still being assigned to oversee the elements of the new world. What happens when the two chosen for the basics of good and evil don’t want to fulfill their roles?

Bedlam Genesis is set in an alternate reality of Numinous and Humans. The planet is still relatively new, and Magic is only truly mastered by Numinous; it normally takes a human a lifetime just to master one element. Gods and goddesses are designated to every element, but there are several still untamed. Of those elements, Chaos and Tranquility are of the utmost importance to be appointed, because without someone to dictate their natures, the balance of good and evil constantly tips.

Fate has chosen two very different girls to become these deities, but they’re quite reluctant to following this destiny. Mostly because they’re oblivious about it! How will the balance sustain itself when these opposing forces end up being friends? What kind of calamity will befall these girls who only want simple lives?

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16+ (language, violence, sexual themes, nudity, and alcohol use)

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