Black Market Magic

Black Market Magic

The adventures of an illegal magic user in a dystopian world of state-sponsored magical girls.


A tense Cold War is brewing between the twin worlds of Earth and Faerie. Werewolves and Fey hide amongst an antagonistic human population, and all magic-users must register themselves with the government, or face capture by state sponsored magical girl groups who have designated them the “Enemies of Earth”. Whilst those lucky enough to gain a Fey Visa can live safe lives amongst the Fey, exiles and undesirables on Earth live in fear.
Kim is a coffee shop manager by day, but by night has rejected magical girl status in order to use her growing magical powers to defend those under attack from the government, alongside her girlfriend Claudia, who has just returned from a Fey school of martial arts in Faerie.
A new series by Alice Nuttall and Emily Brady, set in the universe of IBYKS, Footloose and Cherry, that shows the dark underbelly of the culture on Earth, only hinted at in our other comics.




PG, contains fantasy violence.

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