A struggling FACTION fights a losing war to try and remain in the game they love!


Faction is a story about escapism, connecting with others, and why games and fantasy mean so much to people. In the game of MUlate, players are sorted into Factions and must fight for domination. Emma Martina – a well known sponsored player who goes by Crashback in-game– has played MUlate since it first launched, but with Red Faction on the brink of elimination and mounting pressure from her sponsors, she begins to wonder how long she has before she’s out of her job and forced away from the game that has become everything to her.


Teen for mild cursing, virtual violence

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About this comic:

  • Started: 2016
  • Creator(s): Writing: Alex Palm and Alexander Wozny, Illustration: Heliotrope, Concept Art: ClockworkJordan
  • URL: https://factioncomic.com/
  • Check it out if you like: Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi