Weaponised shoes, magic, pirates, faeries, werewolves and a sizeable helping of chaos.

Keti Jones is 17, and she’s normal, right? Okay so her parents aren’t technically humans… and maybe her ears are a bit pointy and her nose is a bit… werewolfish, those are things that could happen to anyone! And so what if she has a Faerie Godmother, doesn’t everyone?

Except it turns out she’s the Primary Protagonist, the heroine the Plot has chosen, and the kind of person she grows up to be will shape the whole world. A world currently mired in an uneasy truce between mortals, supernaturals and the Fey. So it’s up to her retired adventurer parents and her aformentioned Godmother to train her up in the ancient martial art… of Kung-Shoe.

Apprenticed at a Faerie Dojo Keti quickly makes friends with werewolf twins Daniel and Jin, makes an enemy of top magical girl Pretty Princess Sparkle, and tries to win the affections of sword weilding elf, An, and for a while it seems like she’s carving out a nice little Slice-of-Life drama for herself. But the Plot waits for no girl, and all too soon she finds herself embroiled in adventures far beyond her control…

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  • Started: 2004
  • Creator(s): Alice Nuttall and Emily Brady
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  • Check it out if you like: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Inactive