Gifts of Wandering Ice

Gifts of Wandering Ice

Ancient things people find in melting icebergs.


“Gifts of wandering ice” is a sci-fi comic about ancient things people find in melting icebergs. These things, the “ice gifts”, can be anything from frozen ancient trash to valuable technology and even living creatures. Studying ice gifts is dangerous but it’s the only way to restore the forgotten history of humanity.

The world of the story is green post-apocalypse where people live in a peaceful matriarchal society and human is valued life greatly. What’s left of humanity lives on a small archipelago of basalt islands connected with shabby cableways and ziplines. But these people are not savages, they truly are the children of the future. You’ll see why…


Rating: 13+ for occasional violence

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  • Started: May 2014
  • Creator(s): Olga Makarova (aka Mildegard)
  • URL:
  • Check it out if you like: Adventure, Post-Apocalypse, Sci-fi