As endless war rages in Lebanon, a mysterious child is sent by the Guardians of the land.

The story is set in an alternate-reality Lebanon where incomprehensible war is raging with no end in sight. The ancient guardians of the land, unable to keep up, send one of theirs in human form to discover the source of the evil and put an end to it.

She is Malaak, who becomes the Lebanese superheroine known as the Guardian, but her mission to save the country is coupled with a personal quest to remember who she is and what she can do. As the warmongers quickly turn out to be not human at all but Jinn, and as supernatural forces nudge her in the right directions, we discover whole worlds are colliding and the situation is not as straightforward as it seemed to be…

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Irregular, once a week to once every 10 days


Created for adults and teens, but contents suitable for all ages.

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About this comic:

  • Started: 2006
  • Creator(s): Joumana Medlej
  • URL:
  • Check it out if you like: Adventure, Completed Comic, Drama, Fantasy