Nahast: Lands of Strife

A sword-mistress, trainer of warrior girls, finds herself in the midst of a shadow war.


Derrexi Tzelan, eldest daughter of one of Solerne’s top Noble Houses, arrives to the city of Beldatz under orders from the Empress. Her mission, as she is aware of it, is to train a detachment of Hawk Maidens, an elite female warrior order, in preparation for the Festival of New Dawn. What she does not know is that she is to be the wildcard in the struggle between the city’s political and supernatural factions. It is a conflict that has a deep relationship to the spiritual well-being of the Empire.

Derrexi will find many allies and foes, both hidden and in plain view, as she strives to understand herself and the nature of the gods of Nahast and their eternal war.

Nahast is a full fantasy world inspired by the myths and histories of Asia and Mesoamerica.





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