Transformed into feline shape-shifters possessing elemental powers, a group of teens fight for justice and survival.


Within her first week of high school, Taylor Quinn finds herself the newest recruit of an enigmatic science teacher’s private club… who secretly moonlight as feline-shapeshifting, elemental-powered avengers. But no sooner has she begun her training than the team faces a sudden threat against its very existence—and the very ideals it was founded to protect.

Since their first adventure and battle as a complete team, Panthera have become an independent outfit, accepting missions and fighting both for their own survival and to atone for the unwitting wrongs of their past. In the meantime, they try to hold down their semi-ordinary day lives as suburban-Massachusetts high-school students.

Written in the style of Western comics but drawn by a manga artist, Panthera might be described as “‘Animorphs’ meets ‘Captain Planet’ by way of the ‘Thundercats.’”





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