Spare Keys for Strange Doors


Visit your local Specialists for expert help with transformations, compulsions and removal of uninvited guests.


Your local Specialists are:
Toby Hathaway and Marion Sark.

Highly experienced and skilled professionals, experts at handling the uncanny, supernatural and subnatural. Some experience of the natural, but discussion of your exact needs is advisable.

Specialities include visitations, disappearances, compulsions, manifestations, transformations and removal of uninvited guests. We can be diplomatic or more persuasive as the situation requires. Extensive and varied contacts within the police force, gifted groups, and the non-human community. Pricing is on a case by case basis; please contact us for further details. Your complete confidentiality is assured.

Horse, dog, cat and rodent whispering undertaken. However, there is an extensive waiting list. Please note: no chihuahuas.

Not available for speculative seances.

Update Schedule:

Thursdays (on hiatus)


PG / Teens (occasional violence).


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