A lost girl must learn to survive in a mystical world torn apart by one man’s reign of terror.


Forced to leave her home by her guardian, a young girl by the name of Moira ends up in the custody of the Mira, respective leaders of the Draga Empire.

Her arrival happens unexpectedly, several years after the deaths of four other imperial leaders at the hands of a defector: Rayen d’Lecroix, and his anti-imperial faction.

However, suspicions are raised when Moira claims to be from Aerde, a place that does not exist.
With doubts cast upon Moira’s origin, the surviving Mira reluctantly unite to help her, unknowing what waits in store.

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Mature (Language, Violence, Nudity)

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  • Started: 2013
  • Creator(s): C.A. Morgan
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  • Check it out if you like: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy