June 3, 2017

SpiderForest News for June!

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One of our members, HELM, has been honored with a Eisner Award Nomination for Best Digital Comic! Please consider giving them your vote this month!

And big congratulations to the HELM team for their nomination! [/one_half] [one_half position="last"]
SpiderForest creators have been working extra hard to bring you our very first SpiderForest Comic Anthology – the Kickstarter for which will be coming soon!

The Anthology will be 100+ pages of short comics based on the theme “Spider + Forest”. Consider supporting the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective by becoming a backer!

Conventions and Appearances

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Kristin Tipping of Evil Witch Allie will be at Hot Comics and Collectables in New Hope, MN on June 14th! [/one_third] [one_third]
James Nelson of Monster Lands, Laura Graves of Witches Get Stitches, and Kata Kane of Altar Girl will be at Heroes Con June 16-18! [/one_third] [one_third position="last"]
Robin Childs of LeyLines will be attending Denver Comic Con June 30 - July 2nd, debuting: Wavemen Episode 1. Set in the Heian period, Wavemen is about a team of legendary heroes at the Emperor's command who are tasked with investigating and solving supernatural crime. Book 4 of LeyLines will also be available!
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LeyLines Fan-Creation Contest! Theme: MODERN AU. Due date: July 1st. More information (prizes, how to submit, etc) can be found at Leylines! Robin Childs of LeyLines is offering a new Patreon reward! Monthly Coaching Calls. Get assistance reaching your novel or webcomic dreams!
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july hiatus
Soul's Journey will be back with weekly updates on June 1st - jumping right into the next intermission.
Darwin Comics resumes normal updates starting June first with The Only Half Saga. Darwin thanks you for your patience while she tidied up some things!
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