December 1, 2016

Happy Holidays! SpiderForest News for December!

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The Spiderforest Forums have a whole new design! Mobile-friendly and available in dark and light styles, our forums are open to everyone, regardless of SpiderForest membership! Thanks to Alyssa for coding the design, and the combined efforts of KEZ, Tiana, Thane, and Kat in getting it all live! Definitely let us know if our spiders didn't quite wrap up all the bugs, will you?

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Comic of the Week wraps up the week of December 19th! Our members thank their fellow creators for plugging comics each week to their audiences and all the new readers for taking time to check out the different comics offered!

Sweet New Stories and Merch!

[two_third position="first"] [one_half position="first"] dec2016_brunoharm Bruno Harm is raffling off a mug for Christmas! Just leave a comment on between now and Christmas Day to get your name in the hat!
[/one_half] [one_half position="last"] dec2016_cosmicdash David Davis, creator of Cosmic Dash has published a novel length story called Pause and Effect. It's over 136 pages long and completely free to read!
[/one_half] [one_half position="first"] dec2016_hoodie XII has new hoodies up for sale and we now have a proper fan art gallery!
[/one_half] [one_half position="last"] dec2016_startingover The third novel in the Brothers Martin series will be on sale starting December 15! Starting Over follows Steve's return to Kuala Lumpur, his quest for vengeance, and the glimmer of a new start. Vengeance is a jealous lover however... Preorders are available now through Kindle downloads and the book is enrolled in KDP Select and Amazon matchbook!
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Arbalest will be on vacation for the month of December, returning on January 2. In the meantime, check back for guest art!
The Sundown Boys just finished up Chapter One and will be taking a short break. The chapter two cover will go up on December 18th, and then the first page of chapter two will go up on January 1st, which is when regular updates will resume.
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Soul's Journey's archive will exceed 100 pages in December. What it Takes reaches 700 story pages, with some major plot reveals! Death's doorstep just got a whole lot closer. XII: Of Magic and Muses has rolled straight into Chapter 2!
dec2016_6commando dec2016_panthera dec2016_castoff
6-Commando is back with a new season, a new chapter, and the women and men of the United Nations Multinational Forces Africa are facing their biggest crisis yet: a five thousand ton tank named Victor with nuclear weapons, and a bad attitude. Panthera is coming out of hiatus and back to a bi-weekly update schedule for the time being. We hope you enjoy the rest of the chapter as the team deal with the revelations of who they have to fight. Castoff wrapped up its 3rd chapter in November, and is headed straight into chapter 4! The sun rises on a new day for Vector and Arianna, but what awaits them in the coming hours? New dangers? New friends? Maybe both! If you're behind on the story, now is the perfect time to get caught up!

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