October 3, 2016

COTW, Cons, and MORE! October News!

Comic of the Week

Starting October 3rd, Spiderforest creators will be cross-promoting other comics in the collective! Be on the lookout each week now through December 24th on your favorite Spiderforest comics for weekly spotlights! [one_half position="first"]

Spiderforest Coloring Book Kickstarter!

The first-ever SpiderForest Coloring Book Kickstarter is running October 3-18! Enjoy coloring lineart from over 20 SpiderForest comics!
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Leylines Volume 4 Kickstarter!

Leylines KS
LeyLines Volume Four Kickstarter runs until October 21st! Messed up kids trying to fix their family, world, and gods. Most importantly: themselves.

Con Appearances!

[one_half position="first"] Delphie Con Appearance Christina Major of Sombulus will be at Santa Clarita Valley Comic Con, Phoenix Fan Fest, and Comikaze in October! Check out her fall convention schedule for more details!
[/one_half] [one_half position="last"] Kota of Mailbox Rocketship will be at the Memphis Comic Expo October 22nd and 23rd at the Cook Convention Center.
[one_half position="first"] Witchery Witchery etc will be at AnimeUSA in Washington, DC on October 21-23!
[/one_half] [one_half position="last"] Heracles Knot Miliabyntite of Heracles Knot will be at Hampton Comicon on the 15th! Check out her Facebook Page for more details!


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Halflight by Keyake will reach its sixth year on October 31st!

6-Commando by Mr. Average has reached the halfway mark - six chapters and over 250 pages!


Monica of Moonslayer is publishing another coloring book in the month of October (Possibly October 10th)! It includes some MS related drawings, including 3 of Henna before the curse! Keep an eye on her website for more information!
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Darwin Comics is on Hiatus until the first of November! That doesn't mean however that she's going completely dark! Check out her comics Gemutations: Plague and The Only Half Saga for Fan Art from fellow Spiderforest Creators as well as sneak peeks at upcoming projects! (Not to mention the COTW Shout Outs!) A Halloween special will round out the hiatus and updates will resume on November 3rd for TOHS and November 7th for Plague!
Mr. Average of 6-Commando will be taking a breather until November to work on a side project! Updates will resume November 7th!
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