SpiderForest News for January 2021
January 1, 2021

SpiderForest News for January 2021

As 2020 winds up, SpiderForest creators and teams take a retrospective look on their accomplishments and plan for the coming year. Our header reflects this by bringing back all of 2020's headers for one final hurrah of the old year!

We are all looking forward to what 2021 brings! What is in store for SpiderForest? What community and public projects will the new year bring? Stay tuned and find out!

SpiderForest is on Spotify!

SpiderForest is continuing to grow our monthly themed Spotify playlists! We already have quite a variety, and the latest addition is December's theme "In the Presence of a God" (with cover art from Sombulus by Christina Major). Follow us on Spotify for hours of eclectic listening to match you mood or creative project!

"Huzzah" Premieres!

It is our honor and privilege to welcome Huzzah into the SpiderForest lineup!

Join Gus and his niece Lily as they open a tavern and inn along a well-traveled road - one that attracts an eclectic cast of mercenaries, scoundrels, and adventurers!

Huzzah is a brand new webcomic project by long time member Zappit - creator of the super-funny Supervillainous.

Happenings Around the Forest!

Piff, the esteemed Lord of the Realm, is bored! Why not cheer them up with fan mail? Send in questions, comments or a simple ?hi? by email and get a lordly response in an upcoming Fan Mail to Lord comic!

XII: Of Magic and Muses is returning from it's winter hiatus January 4th with Chapter 22: Tattle Tale. As an extra treat, it will now be updating 6 days a week - Monday to Saturday.
But before that, why not check out all the lovely guest art we've received over the past year from wonderful artists!
And a small reminder that we'll be finishing off the series in print with our Kickstarter for Vol 3: Malice Kickstarting February 1st!

Sombulus is returning from hiatus with new pages at sombulus.com on January 5, and new for 2021, on Webtoon! Subscribe and enjoy the world of Sombulus all over again from the very beginning, now in mobile-friendly scrolling format!

Fighting Dreamers took a bit of a break for the holidays, but should be back in action by January 6th, barring any other outside distractions coming in that month.

Another chapter of Fate is finished and will return with chapter 6 on January 19th. During the hiatus, Fate will be open to Reader Questions which can be asked (then read) on the Fatecomic.com, Tapas and Patreon.

Soul's Journey will return on Jan 28th.

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