News for July 2021
July 1, 2021

News for July 2021

Originally created by member Keiiii of Heart of Keol back in July of 2018 and featuring characters from across the SpiderForest Community enjoying a Fourth of July Celebration! Featured from left to right are Danbi of Heart of Keol, Huvrye of broken, Sage from Saffron and Sage, Lilith from Littlelight Asylum and Allie from Evil Witch Allie, Jimmy (The Trickster) - Gods of the Game, Arianna from Castoff, Zukah from Zukahnaut, and Stewie from Fighting Dreamers.

Miscellaneous News

June playlist

June's playlist theme was 'Brutal Action Fight / Parkour Sequence' - for badass accompaniment as you create those rooftop chasing fight-or-flight scenes! Cover art from What It Takes by Kez.

Crowdfund Campaigns

"How to Webcomic" KS

Castoff's creator Star Prichard is running a Kickstarter to fund her new book "How to Webcomic: The Ultimate Guide to Making Online Comics". The campaign will launch on July 6th and run through the month of July. Help bring the book to print!

Comic Hiatuses and Returns

Cat Legend News!

Now that Moss is done with Graduate School, we are excited that Cat Legend is coming back for the summer with a whole backlog of comics! Starting July 1st, we will be concluding the Shadow Arc.

News for July 2021

Monster Lands returns from its long hiatus! Updates resume on the 5th of July (a Monday)!

Summer Hiatus

Of Conquests and Concequences just finished chapter 3 of volume 2 and we're going on a two month summer hiatus (July&August), but there will be some extras in the meantime. Have a great summer, everyone!

Comic Milestones

Witness the revolution

It has begun. Join us and witness the city of Buffet change. Forever. Read the latest Realm of Owls story.

Michael's Chapter Break!

The current chapter of Michael, Normalcy wraps up on July 12th and Darwin will be taking a two week chapter break to ready the next chapter! Mixed Signals will pick up on August 2nd. Great time to catch up!

Ingress Chapter 5 Completing

Chapter 5 of Ingress Adventuring Company will be wrapping up on July 15th! There will be a short break between chapters with world building extras, which makes for a great time to catch up with the comic!

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