News for August 2021
August 1, 2021

News for August 2021

With summer vacations rolling to a close, visit some fantastic points of interest from around the Collective! You can take in some awe-inspiring views of the mushroom planet of Earth in a Pocket or serenity of a far off planet's beach in Millennium! Perhaps a hike through the forests in the footsteps of Ruu & Walter is more to your tastes? How about visiting the bustling foreign cities and finding your own dustbunny companion in Fate! Closer to home you can enjoy the swim at the local pool from Spare Keys for Strange Doors (just watch out for that vortex at the deep end)!

Whatever trip you choose, you're in for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

SpiderForest Playlist for July

July-Aug Playlist: Magic Ritual

After all the careful preparation... our July collab playlist Magic Ritual is here to accompany you as you set up those special scenes in your story! Art: Spare Keys for Strange Doors by Lucy Lyall.

Miscellaneous News

Updating twice a week!

Starting this August, O Sarilho will be updating twice a week - on Mondays and Thursdays!

Comic Hiatuses and Returns

TPC August News!

Ahoy readers! Just wanted to let you all know The Pirate Checklist is returning to posting on August 10, and Patreon Recruits will get it Aug 3rd! If you'd like to get the update early, be sure to check out TPC's Patreon! See you on the 10th!

August Break

"Arbalest" is wrapping up chapter 7, "Reverence," and going on break for the remainder of August. Chapter 8, "Almost," will be kicking off in September!

Comic Milestones

Final Chapter

Soul's Journey starts its final chapter this month. People clash, things explode, and magic is being thrown around!

Parting is such bitter sorrow...

After over 17 years, Requiem is finally coming to a close. Be sure to tune in to see who makes it through the end of the world... and who will be in Requiem's follow up.

A Bloody Ending

What it Takes is coming up to the end in a dark and bloody fashion! Now's the perfect time to start reading if you're not already, and enjoy the 350+ revised beginning pages!

News for August 2021

Michael returns for its most recent chapter "Mixed Signals!" on August 2nd! Now that the school knows what Michael is, how will they handle the gemue on campus?

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