News for January 2022
January 1, 2022

News for January 2022

Hope you all had a lovely holiday and happy new year!! Featuring a selection of Secret Santa art by SpiderForest members! Left to right, discovering wintry new beginnings and fun in the snow: characters from Leaving the Cradle, Court of Roses and Children of Shadow: Ashes as drawn by Kai Alexander (Arbalest), Darth Biomech (Leaving the Cradle), and Lucy Lyall (Spare Keys for Strange Doors).

Comic Milestones

A new story has started!

Finally! A new story has just started, titled "The Last Vampyre War", and the previous ones are all online too. Also the site has had many improvements. I am working on starting 2022 with a better momentum.

Spare Keys for Strange Doors

The Spare Keys for Strange Doors story 'Keep Digging' is finally complete! Read it all here! This will be the last story for quite a while; visit the Spare Keys site for more details.

Jack Beloved

Chapter 8 is complete! Jack Beloved will be taking a break for the holidays to return on January 4th. Patrons, of course, can read all of Chapter 9 now!

News for December 2023

Once the current chapter ends on Dec. 2nd, Court of Roses will go on break, but through December, we'll be sharing an illustrated short story, "Winter Warble," written by Miranda Wright! The main story will resume on January 3rd!


Arbalest will be taking a break for the month of December, returning January 3, 2022. See you all in the proper dead of winter.

Spotify List - Don't Give Up!

News for January 2023

Ideas are easy. Execution is hard - really hard. Here's the new SpiderForest playlist to send you positive creative energy! Cover art from XII: of Magic and Muses by K. Kiomall-Evans.

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