SpiderForest is an exclusive collective. This means that if you apply here, you are not a member of another collective or network. There is some leeway in the definition of a comic collective these days. We define it as “a network of like-minded, inter-dependent sites with a shared audience that have a community dedicated to members’ growth (personally and professionally) in comics.” This definition does not include places that are a tool to increase site visitors only, such as genre-based link exchanges, or hosts, like SmackJeeves and ComicFury. If you’re not sure, feel free to email us at admin@spiderforest.com and we’ll do our best to clarify.

Mirror Sites:

If accepted as a member, you are definitely allowed to maintain a mirror site, however we ask that your SF site be your main site and that it be at LEAST an update ahead of any mirror sites you may have.


SpiderForest members do not sign a contract. Your work belongs to you, we do not buy it or sell it. A member may leave at any time. We are not a brand or company. The only time we redistribute your artwork is on our home page (spiderforest.com) and member sites (in the network exchange) to advertise your work through promo material that you submit expressly for that purpose. Being advertised with fellow comics is both a requirement and a benefit of membership.

Ad revenue:

SpiderForest does not have a commercial ad network, nor does it require members to display commercial ads, only the collective link exchange. Each member may chose to display ads from any network if so desired, and keep all revenue. Ads must be appropriate for most audiences (no NSFW ads).


The Spiderforest Webcomic Collective is not a publisher, and it is not run for profit by any person or group of people.  The Collective is and will remain a creator-owned organization, in which all members have an equal stake for as long as they wish to be associated with the group.   The Collective does not monetize our members’ content in any way without their clear prior consent, and we do not and will never make any claims of ownership over anyone’s comics, art, writing, or other related content.  That means we make no claim to any part of your income from:

  • Selling your comic to a publisher
  • Crowdfunding campaigns
  • Advertising
  • Any other monetization of your work

Our funding comes from voluntary donations from our readers and members, and from the sale of works created explicitly for the collective, such as anthologies, coloring books, prints, and other group works clearly designated as such in advance.

Domain names:

Members are encouraged to register their own domain names. SpiderForest does not own, buy, or register any member domain names, though we do provide hosting if requested.* Any new member who does not have a domain name receives a subdomain, for example, comic.spiderforest.com.

*Note: we only provide subdomains on those instances where we’re taking new members who require hosting. Please check to make sure when you apply. Sometimes we are only offering membership to comics that already have private hosting.