01 Mar

SpiderForest News for March!

Thanks for All the Apps!

It was another record for the Forest! Fifty-Six comics and their creation teams applied to join our community! So many quality apps in so many genres! We have our work cut out for us! We are currently wrapping up deliberations and should have emails out to all teams on or around the 7th of March. Be on the lookout for the standalone announcement of our accepted comics announcement.

Creator’s Creatin’

Chirault Vo 1&2!


Returning From Hiatus!

Chirault volumes 1 and 2 are now available online here! Christina Major of Sombulus will be at Wondercon in Los Angeles March 25-27! Stop by Artist Alley table J-27 to pick up cool Sombulus swag and say hello!
Ferrin Vol 1! Ferrin at Staple!
Thiefy, creator of The Ferrin will be selling the copies of Chapter 1 in print! Soon to be available on line! Thiefy, creator of The Ferrin will be attending Staple Comic Book Convention on March 5-6 in Austin Texas! Don’t miss this opportunity to meet a SpiderForest Creator and pick up a copy of “The Ferrin” for your comic library!

Comic Milestones

Heracles Knot Milestone!
Heracles Knot reached its 100th page on Feb. 11! Darwin Comics will be celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary starting in April! Darwin would love some fan arts to help celebrate the kick off! If you’re a fan of either Plague (10 in April) or TOHS (10 in June) please consider donating your interpretation of a favorite character! Fan arts will be featured for the anniversary month for the title and then moved to the fan art gallery! More to come where she gives you the goodies, so stay tuned!

Many Happy Returns!

Returning From Hiatus!

A warm welcome back to our returning member comics!

  • Stargazer’s GateStargazer's Gate returns!
  • LapseLapse Returns!
  • Ball and Chainnull
  • Spare Keys to Strange DoorsSpare Keys Returns
  • 01 Feb

    SpiderForest News for February

    Applications are open!

    SpiderForest is excited to announce our February application season is now open now through the 24th! If you have a webcomic and would like to become an official member of our collective, apply today!

    Contribute to our projects!

    Darwin Comics now has a Patreon Page! Want to see Plague and Only Half pages early? Want to see concepts for upcoming projects? Consider becoming a patreon!

    1001 Knights has launched on Kickstarter! This incredible 3-volume comic anthology celebrates kickass ladies, feminist characters, and people-positive knights, with art and stories by Christina Major (Sombulus), Kata Kane (Altar Girl), JD Benefield (Random Battles), Jennifer Zyren Smith (LaSalle’s Legacy), and Rel (Witchery, Etc.)

    An Altar Girl Fan Anthology is being organized by fans for fans! Heading the project is JD (of Random Battles) and Samantha of shooting-stars.org. Anyone can be part of it by submitting comics, illustrations, or prose! Details are at http://dream-in.blue

    Buy our stuff!

    Altar Girl is doing Katsucon Feb 12-14 at Table C9 with Wayward Studios. Kata will be there with Books 1 & 2, Mini Comic, Charms, Prints, and more!

    Maryanne of Xylobone Tomes will be exhibiting at ICE, the Independent Creators Expo and Film Fesival in Dayton, Ohio on February 20th!

    A new coloring book by Monica N. Galvan is out! Enchantresses and Fair Folk features fantasy depictions of sorceresses from different cultures, as well as some characters from MoonSlayer’s world. For adults and older children.

    New Chapters

    The Only Half Saga: Of Dhampirs and Warlocks kicked off its latest chapter on January 28th! Garrett remains behind, helping with cleanup and catching up with a man he thought dead nearly thirty years. Meanwhile Cabal struggles to heal….

    What it Takes reached 600 pages and 6 years old in mid-January! Come celebrate by watching the Trustees mess with Colbey’s life as all-out war between King Arthur and A City in a Place becomes the inevitable conclusion to this already desperate situation.

    School Spirit continues into February with the kids coming back to school after the holidays, and pushing on towards 1700 strips! Join Casper, Cody and the indomitable spirit of Wendy as they wander through fun misadventures with the rest of the school kids and the spirits in the cemetery next door. Very little scary Australian dialogue to scare you off!
    06 Jan

    Application Season Opens February FIRST!

    Good morning Forest Dwellers!

    Do you have a long form comic or a running comic strip series? Have you been looking for the next step up in growing your audience? Are you interested in the support of a group of like-minded comic creators?

    If so, Spider Forest is happy to announce that Application Season will open February 1st and run through February 24th!

    Please refer to the Apply link for guidelines on what is expected of applications, applicants, and what applicants can expect if and when they are selected!

    We look forward to seeing what you have to offer! Good Luck!

    Tigershark OUT!

    02 Jan

    Spider Forest News January 2016

    Happy New Year!

    2016 is HERE! We at Spider Forest wish all of our creators and supporters the best for the upcoming year! Whether you make New Year’s Resolutions or just let the day slip quietly by, we hope that 2016 brings a better and brighter future!

    Mark Your Calendars!

    We will be having our Winter Application Season in February! Stay tuned for the announcement!

    Great Causes!

    1001 Knights Anthology
    Kata Kane (Altar Girl), Christina Major (Sombulus), JD Benefield (Random Battles), Rel (Witchery, Etc.) and Jennifer Zyren Smith (LaSalle’s Legacy) have teamed up with over 200 other artists to bring you the 1001 Knights anthology, which launches on Kickstarter this month.
    Sombulus Books
    Soul to Call is kicking off the new year by releasing a 22-page Eli centered extra comic. You can view new pages each week by voting on Top Webcomics, or view the first 7 pages right now on Patreon for a $1 pledge!

    Milestones and Things of Note!

    Malaak DC Patreon
    The sixth and final volume of Malaak: Angel of Peace is complete, bringing a decade-long project to a close – although there are still ebooks and bonus material to look forward to! Darwin Comics now has a Patreon Page! Consider becoming a patron and help support Darwin’s comic making efforts!

    Many Happy Returns!

    Many Forest Dwellers took some time off from their efforts to visit family over the holidays, and who could blame them? But that means we have a TON of returning comics for the month of January! WOOO HOOO!! A hearty welcome back!

    Out of My Element Ley Lines Sombulus Spare Keys Terra
    Out of My Element will be returning with Chapter 8! Find out how the ragtag group will get back into Cog now that they’re locked down in the reclamation! LeyLines returns January 4th! Corruption to uncover, friendships to forge, and old mistakes to throw a wrench into the best laid plans of the present. Sombulus returns January 5, launching into Act 6! Sydney finds the secret to break through her magical bonds and get back home… but every jump proves more perilous than the last, and Kazar and Sonia uncover a Kanite conspiracy that might ruin everything she’s been working toward. Spare Keys for Strange Doors returns on January 7th, after a three year hiatus! Toby and Marion return to deal with more bizarre problems – starting with a trip to the local supermarket, where the checkout takes a little longer than usual. Terra returns January 13th following an unexpected hiatus!
    Well that is all for now! Be looking for the announcement regarding the Winter Application Season in the next few weeks! Have a great January everyone!

    Tigershark out!

    31 Dec

    2015: The Collective’s Year in Review!

    The year 2015 flew by, didn’t it? It has been an exciting and busy year here at Spider Forest as well! So many awesome and exciting things have happened this year! So we decided to step back, reflect and see just what we’ve accomplished in this past year!

    As a Collective

  • The Spider Forest Comic Collective is currently home to over seventy-five quality comics of all genres.
  • Just this year, the collective worked really hard to upgrade our Home Site and our branding.
  • The most recent Application Season added a record fifteen new comics and their creative teams to the family. Three of our newest members began their efforts just this year!
  • Member Accomplishments

  • Published 1,138 pages of comic
  • Attended 29 comic conventions
  • Made 10 local appearances in their area
  • Two have comic books in book stores.
  • Met 7 other Spiderforest members in person.
  • Raised a total of $15,931 dollars through Patreon and Crowdfunding efforts
  • Produced 10 books
  • Helped produce or illustrate 6 others
  • Written 7 completely new stories (independent of their comic efforts)
  • Three comic creators have remade early works in preparation for print
  • A total of 63 pages of comics have been buffered during hiatuses
  • One comic came to its conclusion!
  • 01 Dec

    SpiderForest News for December!

    Happy Holidays from Spider Forest!

    It’s that time of year Forest Dwellers! The holidays are upon us! No matter what you celebrate, we here at Spider Forest hope that you have a wonderful holiday season filled with special memories!

    And just where has 2015 gone? Your guess is as good as ours! 2015 has been a banner year for the collective! Not only have we upgraded our brand’s look, we’ve also accepted a record number of applicants this past application season! Things are moving right along and we hope to have a banner year for the collective in 2016!

    Last News Post of 2015!!

    Altar Girl Shop
    Altar Girl Books 1 & 2 are available to order online or as digital downloads!

    Use code AGHOLIDAY15 at the Altar Girl Online Shop to get 10% off your order! The Online Shop can only process orders with US residents, but if you’d like to place an International Order you can still receive this great deal… please get in touch with Kata directly!

    Digital PDFs can be purchased on Gumroad.

    Kata’s last con appearance of 2015 will be at Bmore Into Comics on Dec 12th.

    Sombulus Books
    Books One and Two of Sombulus are now available for a special combo price of $30! That’s a 25% savings! Get them here!

    The Only Half Saga: Endgame has gone live! Cabal approaches endgame, but after so many centuries, is he really still trying to kill his father? Or has his quest become something else entirely?

    Anniversaries and Milestones

    Soul to Call Xylobone Tomes
    Soul to Call is heading into Chapter 4 this month, and will also be celebrating its 2 year anniversary on December 16th! Xylobone Tomes is celebrating its one year anniversary on December 15th!

    Hiatuses and Returns

    Moonslayer Sombulus Hiatus
    MoonSlayer returns from the unexpected hiatus! Sombulus is on break until January 5, which means you’ve got one month to catch up on the archives!
    01 Nov

    SpiderForest news for November!

    Happy Halloween from SpiderForest! Here’s the latest comic news for the coming month!

    Soul to Call is releasing a 5-page extra comic that takes place a day before the comic’s first chapter. You can view a new page each week by voting on Top Webcomics, or view the entire comic right now on Patreon for a $1 pledge!
    Maryanne Rose Papke, creator of Xylobone Tomes, will be at two different conventions in November! ComiqueCon and Genghis Con. And she has a new Tile minicomic coming out!
    What it Takes hit another Patreon goal! Readers now get three extra Monday updates every month!
    nov2015_oome nov2015_chirault nov2015_sombulus nov2015_demonarchives
    The Out of My Element team has unveiled a new logo and will be updating their website shortly! Chirault has started Chapter 21 this month! Act 5 of Sombulus wraps up in November! November marks The Demon Archives 2 year anniversary! Now over 200 pages in, posting Chapter 8.

    Back in action for November!

    We have a lot of comics coming out of hiatus! Welcome them back by reading their new pages!

    Damsels Don’t Wear Glasses
    Altar Girl
    Dark White
    Nahast: Lands of Strife
    Gemutations: Plague
    The Only Half Saga

    See you next year!

    The following comics are on a much-deserved break, but slated to come back in the new year! This is the perfect time to catch up on the archive!

    01 Oct

    SpiderForest News for October

    Patreon, Kickstarters, and Shorts, oh my!

    “Uncommon Exchange,” a Pay-What-You-Want short story set in the LeyLines world!

    An entire world of knowledge is yours for the taking, if only you have the courage to ask for it, and are willing to pay the price… Do you dare make a deal with Dream Eater?

    Now through October 24, Chirault Volume 2 is on Kickstarter! Get your copies of Chirault Volumes 1 and 2, custom sketched bookplates, the “Shenanigans” mini-comic, and the chance to be a monster in the comic!
    dream*scar now has a patreon page! You can find it over here!

    Go support dream*scar and get access to early pages, sketch requests, the hilarious vote incentive art, as well as the secret NSFW content!

    oct2015_footloose oct2015_plague oct2015_tsdb
    Emily Brady of Footloose will at MCM London Comic Con October 23-25! On September 13th, Plague began a brand new chapter! Steve and David team up to try and find Tom’s whereabouts… if they don’t kill each other first! Read Catching a Break Chapter 1 of The Sundown Boys reboot begins this month!

    oct2015_kaspall oct2015_ddwg oct2015_darkwhite
    After ten years, long running anthro-detective-fantasy comic Kaspall will be updating with the final two pages this month! Damsels Don’t Wear Glasses is coming back in October! Catch Lilly Aguilar of Dark White at Alternative Press Expo October 3-4!

    14 Sep

    Welcome To Our Newest SpiderForest Creators!

    A Hearty Welcome Aboard to our Newest Members!

    After much deliberation we are happy to announce the inclusion of the following comics into the SpiderForest Comic Collective! Please stop by their links and give them some much deserved love.

    01 Sep

    Spider Forest News for September

    Spider Forest at Small Press Expo!

    That’s right! SpiderForest will be attending Small Press Expo on Sept. 19-20! Look for the friendly black and purple booth at the end of the L block (L 8-9) and pick up copies of Altar Girl, Chirault, Precocious, LeyLines, Sombulus, and more! The following creators will be in attendance:

    Christopher Paulsen of Precocious
    Kata Kane of Altar Girl
    Kat Feete of Sunset Grill
    Thane of Chirault

    Thanks for all the Apps!

    Thanks to all those who took the time and braved their fears to apply for membership! This year’s application season yielded a record number of candidates and made our choices hard (in a good way!). We should be finalizing our selections within the week! Be on the lookout for contact from the collective soon!

    New Spider Forest in Print and Digital!

    Zukahnaut: Caught in the Storm
    By Justason & Somers

    ZUKAHNAUT has released a new book! Zukahnaut: Caught in the Storm is a self-contained, stand-alone 52 page comicbook which contains the latest storyarc from ThisComic.Rocks as well as a bonus story exclusive to this collection. Available in print and in PDF!

    Sombulus Books 1 & 2!
    By Christina Major

    Add some world-hopping adventure to your digital library by grabbing Sombulus Book 1 or the newly-released Sombulus Book 2 in PDF or CBZ forms at sombulus.com/store!

    Not Enough to Survive
    By Robin Childs

    “Not Enough to Survive,” a Pay-What-You-Want short story set in the LeyLines world!

    Ravazhi the Wanderer became a legend by cheating death, but even legends have to retire someday. Trading excitement for survival, Ravazhi resigns himself to the quiet life of a professor, until a mysterious fortune teller reveals that death is not quite done chasing him and Fate has other plans for his old age.

    In Other News!

    ravenwoodnews2 witnews2
    The creator of Ravenwood returns from an extended oh-god-what-is-my-life hiatus. The story continues though some of the players have changed. Kez got engaged! Go read her comic about sad engagements during the apocalypse to vicariously celebrate with her. CONGRATULATIONS!!
    schoolspiritnews sundownboysnews moonslayernews altargirlnews
    School Spirit hit 1,600 strips back in late July! Help him celebrate the milestone! The Sundown Boys is now active on Patreon and have uploaded the first Patreon-exclusive illustration. Sundown Boys Patreon MoonSlayer has a shiny new layout! With new sections and lore content. 😀 Altar Girl will be at SPX & Baltimore Comic Con! Hopefully, so will the debut Altar Girl – Book 2!

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