01 Dec

SpiderForest News for December!

Happy Holidays from Spider Forest!

It’s that time of year Forest Dwellers! The holidays are upon us! No matter what you celebrate, we here at Spider Forest hope that you have a wonderful holiday season filled with special memories!

And just where has 2015 gone? Your guess is as good as ours! 2015 has been a banner year for the collective! Not only have we upgraded our brand’s look, we’ve also accepted a record number of applicants this past application season! Things are moving right along and we hope to have a banner year for the collective in 2016!

Last News Post of 2015!!

Altar Girl Shop
Altar Girl Books 1 & 2 are available to order online or as digital downloads!

Use code AGHOLIDAY15 at the Altar Girl Online Shop to get 10% off your order! The Online Shop can only process orders with US residents, but if you’d like to place an International Order you can still receive this great deal… please get in touch with Kata directly!

Digital PDFs can be purchased on Gumroad.

Kata’s last con appearance of 2015 will be at Bmore Into Comics on Dec 12th.

Sombulus Books
Books One and Two of Sombulus are now available for a special combo price of $30! That’s a 25% savings! Get them here!

The Only Half Saga: Endgame has gone live! Cabal approaches endgame, but after so many centuries, is he really still trying to kill his father? Or has his quest become something else entirely?

Anniversaries and Milestones

Soul to Call Xylobone Tomes
Soul to Call is heading into Chapter 4 this month, and will also be celebrating its 2 year anniversary on December 16th! Xylobone Tomes is celebrating its one year anniversary on December 15th!

Hiatuses and Returns

Moonslayer Sombulus Hiatus
MoonSlayer returns from the unexpected hiatus! Sombulus is on break until January 5, which means you’ve got one month to catch up on the archives!
01 Nov

SpiderForest news for November!

Happy Halloween from SpiderForest! Here’s the latest comic news for the coming month!

Soul to Call is releasing a 5-page extra comic that takes place a day before the comic’s first chapter. You can view a new page each week by voting on Top Webcomics, or view the entire comic right now on Patreon for a $1 pledge!
Maryanne Rose Papke, creator of Xylobone Tomes, will be at two different conventions in November! ComiqueCon and Genghis Con. And she has a new Tile minicomic coming out!
What it Takes hit another Patreon goal! Readers now get three extra Monday updates every month!
nov2015_oome nov2015_chirault nov2015_sombulus nov2015_demonarchives
The Out of My Element team has unveiled a new logo and will be updating their website shortly! Chirault has started Chapter 21 this month! Act 5 of Sombulus wraps up in November! November marks The Demon Archives 2 year anniversary! Now over 200 pages in, posting Chapter 8.

Back in action for November!

We have a lot of comics coming out of hiatus! Welcome them back by reading their new pages!

Damsels Don’t Wear Glasses
Altar Girl
Dark White
Nahast: Lands of Strife
Gemutations: Plague
The Only Half Saga

See you next year!

The following comics are on a much-deserved break, but slated to come back in the new year! This is the perfect time to catch up on the archive!

01 Oct

SpiderForest News for October

Patreon, Kickstarters, and Shorts, oh my!

“Uncommon Exchange,” a Pay-What-You-Want short story set in the LeyLines world!

An entire world of knowledge is yours for the taking, if only you have the courage to ask for it, and are willing to pay the price… Do you dare make a deal with Dream Eater?

Now through October 24, Chirault Volume 2 is on Kickstarter! Get your copies of Chirault Volumes 1 and 2, custom sketched bookplates, the “Shenanigans” mini-comic, and the chance to be a monster in the comic!
dream*scar now has a patreon page! You can find it over here!

Go support dream*scar and get access to early pages, sketch requests, the hilarious vote incentive art, as well as the secret NSFW content!

oct2015_footloose oct2015_plague oct2015_tsdb
Emily Brady of Footloose will at MCM London Comic Con October 23-25! On September 13th, Plague began a brand new chapter! Steve and David team up to try and find Tom’s whereabouts… if they don’t kill each other first! Read Catching a Break Chapter 1 of The Sundown Boys reboot begins this month!

oct2015_kaspall oct2015_ddwg oct2015_darkwhite
After ten years, long running anthro-detective-fantasy comic Kaspall will be updating with the final two pages this month! Damsels Don’t Wear Glasses is coming back in October! Catch Lilly Aguilar of Dark White at Alternative Press Expo October 3-4!

14 Sep

Welcome To Our Newest SpiderForest Creators!

A Hearty Welcome Aboard to our Newest Members!

After much deliberation we are happy to announce the inclusion of the following comics into the SpiderForest Comic Collective! Please stop by their links and give them some much deserved love.

01 Sep

Spider Forest News for September

Spider Forest at Small Press Expo!

That’s right! SpiderForest will be attending Small Press Expo on Sept. 19-20! Look for the friendly black and purple booth at the end of the L block (L 8-9) and pick up copies of Altar Girl, Chirault, Precocious, LeyLines, Sombulus, and more! The following creators will be in attendance:

Christopher Paulsen of Precocious
Kata Kane of Altar Girl
Kat Feete of Sunset Grill
Thane of Chirault

Thanks for all the Apps!

Thanks to all those who took the time and braved their fears to apply for membership! This year’s application season yielded a record number of candidates and made our choices hard (in a good way!). We should be finalizing our selections within the week! Be on the lookout for contact from the collective soon!

New Spider Forest in Print and Digital!

Zukahnaut: Caught in the Storm
By Justason & Somers

ZUKAHNAUT has released a new book! Zukahnaut: Caught in the Storm is a self-contained, stand-alone 52 page comicbook which contains the latest storyarc from ThisComic.Rocks as well as a bonus story exclusive to this collection. Available in print and in PDF!

Sombulus Books 1 & 2!
By Christina Major

Add some world-hopping adventure to your digital library by grabbing Sombulus Book 1 or the newly-released Sombulus Book 2 in PDF or CBZ forms at sombulus.com/store!

Not Enough to Survive
By Robin Childs

“Not Enough to Survive,” a Pay-What-You-Want short story set in the LeyLines world!

Ravazhi the Wanderer became a legend by cheating death, but even legends have to retire someday. Trading excitement for survival, Ravazhi resigns himself to the quiet life of a professor, until a mysterious fortune teller reveals that death is not quite done chasing him and Fate has other plans for his old age.

In Other News!

ravenwoodnews2 witnews2
The creator of Ravenwood returns from an extended oh-god-what-is-my-life hiatus. The story continues though some of the players have changed. Kez got engaged! Go read her comic about sad engagements during the apocalypse to vicariously celebrate with her. CONGRATULATIONS!!
schoolspiritnews sundownboysnews moonslayernews altargirlnews
School Spirit hit 1,600 strips back in late July! Help him celebrate the milestone! The Sundown Boys is now active on Patreon and have uploaded the first Patreon-exclusive illustration. Sundown Boys Patreon MoonSlayer has a shiny new layout! With new sections and lore content. 😀 Altar Girl will be at SPX & Baltimore Comic Con! Hopefully, so will the debut Altar Girl – Book 2!

08 Aug

SpiderForest Webcomic Collective Accepting Applications in August

Our application season is underway!  Here’s the official scoop on our collective and the application process for our community.  We hope you’ll consider joining us if you’re a comic creator!

For Immediate Release
August 7, 2015

Contact: info@spiderforest.com

SpiderForest is an established webcomic collective run for and by independent comic creators for the purpose of community building, audience sharing, convention appearances, and personal and professional growth in comics. Applications for membership are accepted 1-2 times a year and are rigorously reviewed by all available members. For this round of admissions, applications will be accepted until August 22nd, and results are privately revealed to applicants on September 1st.

Since 2004, SpiderForest has offered a particular niche for webcomic creators who seek to remain independent, but also desire to be part of a tight-knit community of knowledgeable, experienced artists, writers and self-publishers. We are not a business, but instead are run entirely on a volunteer basis with a focus on helping each other grow professionally as we all best see fit. Our public and private forums offer constructive criticism, organized convention appearances, advice for crowdfunding, art exchanges or collaborations, and more. We are seeking dedicated creators who care more about their work than making a quick buck–but are definitely a good home for the professional-level comic creator. We want to help you become the comic professional you want to be, and we greatly value those who want to bring their experiences to us.

In addition to being a free host for all members, SpiderForest also accepts members who are unaffiliated with other collectives and are independently self-hosted. Members are free to maintain as many mirror sites as they wish on free comic hosts such as Comic Fury, Tapastic, and SmackJeeves, but are required to have the SpiderForest-affiliated site at least one update ahead. The only other requirements are to regularly update your comic(s), to display the SpiderForest banner, and to assist in reviewing applications for new members.

Questions regarding membership at SpiderForest are best directed to our forums (spiderforest.com/forum), to our email (info@spiderforest.com), or to individual members regarding their experiences with us (spiderforest.com/comics).

01 Aug

SpiderForest News for August!

Spiderforest Summer Application Season is now OPEN!

Applications will be accepted from August 1st – 22nd. If you have a long form comic or comic strip and would like to join a small supportive community of like-minded creators now is your opportunity! Please check out our application page for more about what we offer and how to apply.

Good luck to all who apply!

The Brothers Martin: In the Beginning
By D. D. Randall, creator of The Only Half Saga and Gemutations: Plague

August 1st The Brothers Martin: In the Beginning went live on Amazon and Createspace! The short jaunt up the road to Steve’s soon to be in laws turns tragic when the brothers are run off the road. They should have died in the ravine that night. But they didn’t, and so their nightmare begins.

Coloring Book: Fairies, Nymphs & Witches
By Mónica N. Galván, creator of MoonSlayer

The coloring book Fairies, Nymphs & Witches is out on Amazon, in regular and the new pocket edition. This book for all ages reunites ink linearts from Enchanted Visions, MoonSlayer side characters and exclusive art never seen before!

thumb_whatittakes thumb_sundownboys thumb_dreamscar thumb_sunsetgrill
What it Takes begins its final climactic chapter in August. Jump on board now for guaranteed blood, guts, and good old fashioned vengeance. The Sundown Boys has officially begun its first ever reboot! Read it from the beginning and enjoy the brand new art. dream*scar returns from hiatus this month! Due to health issues involving the creator’s drawing hand, updates may come more slowly than before. Sunset Grill will celebrate its seventh anniversary on August 4th!

08 Jul

Application Season Opens August 1st!

Good morning Forest Dwellers!

Do you have a long form comic or a running comic strip series? Have you been looking for the next step up in growing your audience? Are you interested in the support of a group of like-minded comic creators?

If so, Spider Forest is happy to announce that the Summer Application Season will open August 1st!

Please refer to the Apply link for guidelines on what is expected of applications, applicants, and what applicants can expect if and when they are selected!

We look forward to seeing what you have to offer! Good Luck!

Tigershark OUT!

01 Jul

Spider Forest News for July!

Good morning forest dwellers!

Welcome once again to the new look of Spider Forest! A huge shout out and thank you to Delphina, Varethane, and MonicaNG for their hard work getting the site coded, populated, and running! Thanks are also in order for the entire stable of creators who updated their promo items and donated resources to help make the transition pretty flawless!

Anniversaries and Milestones

  • Altar Girl turns 3 years old on July 7! (And of course, 7/7 also happens to be Ashley Altars’ birthday!)
  • The Only Half Saga turned 9 years old in June!
  • The Revolution turns 6 on July 7th and will be resuming less irregular updates this summer once their computer issue is resolved.
  • July 14 will be Bad Moon Rising’s 1 year anniversary!
  • July 2nd – Supervillainous #200 goes live!


Hiatuses and Returns



  • July 7 is also the launch date for the ALTAR GIRL KICKSTARTER!!
    Altar Girl will be running a new Kickstarter campaign for BOOK 2, starting July 7 going thru the 28th. Anyone who missed BOOK 1 will also have a change to pledge for the set, with lots of fun new goodies to be announced! Now is a great time to catch up on Chapters 4-6 at http://www.altar-girl.com!



  • Kata of “Altar Girl” will also be at Boston Comic Con for the first time! The con is July 31-Aug 2. Hope to see you there!
  • Chirault will be at table L06 table at ConBravo in Hamilton, Ontario, July 25-27! There will be books, prints, and stickers available.



  • On August 1st, 2015, Tigershark will be publishing the Prequel to Forgotten Ties! Brothers Martin: In the Beginning goes into detail about how Tom and Steve ended up cyborgs and how it has changed their lives! The Kindle version is now available, preorder your copy for $3.99!
  • That is all the news that’s fit to print! Again, welcome, take a look around! Don’t be shy about letting us know what you think!

25 Jun

Welcome to the new website!

Hey guys, Delphina here! On behalf of the SpiderForest, I would like to welcome everyone to our new website! SpiderForest is a community of comic artists, writers, and creators. Our goal since our founding more than ten years ago has always been to create a community where comic creators and readers can gather, chat, and share our stories.

We’ve retooled our website a complete overhaul to better feature our announcements, crowdfunding campaigns, and convention appearances, as well as handy resources for webcomic creators that we’ve written, and of course, the comics and art we create for everyone to enjoy!

We hope you find the new site easy to use and fun to explore. Thank you!

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