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Team-work makes a lot more possible than one person can do alone, and relationships between writers and artists can be a lot bigger than the sum of their parts. Although this can make more complex work possible, it can also have some difficulties attached to it. As we’ll find out in this episode, navigating the business and the personal is an art of its own.

In the first part of the episode, Denise Randall of The Only Half Saga and Michael interviews the creators of Daughter of the Lilies: Meg Syverud, the author and artist, and Yoko, the colourist. They talk about how and why they came to work together, the importance of paying one’s colourist, and about the challenges they have faced.

In the second part, Mathieu Moyen of 6-Commando leads a roundtable discussion between Dan Sharp (The Demon Archives), Daniel Kelly (Saffron & Sage) and Jemma M. Young (Children of Eldair) about their reasons to create comics in collaboration with others, the pitfalls of working on a long-term project with a friend, how to prepare for the worst, and the importance of writing up a contract.

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