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Although English is, for many, the overwhelming language of choice for modern webcomics, it is by no means a requirement. In the modern environment of global communications, digital comics in French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and many other languages are becoming increasingly important as the medium’s influence expands. But language still represents a barrier in many parts of the world as well. So how does one go about translating and interpreting a comic between one and more languages?

In the first part of the episode, Christina Major of Sombulus interviews Enistoja about how they got started translating Cucumber Quest and RetroBlade, about translating puns and other jokes, and the importance of using a skilled translator.

In the second part, Ewa of Bits Fair leads a roundtable discussion between Sophie Pfrötzschner (Soul’s Journey), Mikael Hankonen (Tistow – Small Trolls and Year In Hereafter), and Joolita (Of Conquests and Consequences). They talk about why they made the decision to make English-language webcomics, the challenges that come with creating comics in a foreign language, and their experiences with translating their work.

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