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Being in it for your art is one thing, but the reality of comics is that if we want our art to be our full-time job, we need to find ways to monetise our work. For webcomics, this has never been easier or more difficult at the same time. Powerful new tools like Patreon offer opportunities to monetise your work, but nothing is free, especially not money.

In the first part of the episode, Christina Major of Sombulus interviews Shobana “Bob” Appavu of Demon of the Underground. They talk about monetization tactics, how to make Patreon rewards, and what to expect regarding making money from your comic.

In the second part, Kat Feete of Sunset Grill leads a roundtable discussion with Robin Childs (LeyLines) and Ally Rom Colthoff (Chirault) about how they got started using Patreon, what adjustments they have made to their approach over time, and the changes that platforms like Patreon have brought about in the world of webcomics.

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