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Many artists take a very focused approach to their work and aim specifically at a particular audience right from the start. This can be particularly true of work intended for younger audiences. One of the pitfalls of this approach however, is that in an effort to make things youth-appropriate, an artist can cross that fine line between writing what young readers like and writing what they think young readers ought to like. How does an author tread this line, and hopefully create something with broad appeal, without dumbing things down in an attempt to please everyone?

In the first part of the episode, Mathieu Moyen of 6-Commando interviews Robert Christie and Deborah Lang, creators of Quirk’s Quest. They talk about the origins of Quirk’s Quest, how they go about their creative collaboration, and about writing for a young audience.

In the second part, Denise Randall of The Only Half Saga and Michael leads a roundtable discussion with Julian Dominguez of Littlelight Asylum and Mathieu Moyen of 6-Commando.

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