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Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, but sometimes, an artist realises that they’ve gone so far in the wrong direction. that they need to make a bigger change than usual. How do they handle it when this happens? And what if they feel like they need to make the ultimate change, and go all the way back to square one?

In the first part of the episode, Ewa of Bits Fair interviews Karin Rindevall, creator of the action/adventure webcomic The Din, about launching a comic and then deciding to rework it to make the story better, making changes based on reader feedback, and reboots in general.

Then, Mathieu Moyen of 6-Commando leads a roundtable discussion with Christina Major (Sombulus), G Pike (Title Unrelated) and KEZ (What it Takes) about rebooting a comic, coping with feedback, and making improvements and changes to a comic already in progress.

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