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As a storyteller, you have in hand all of the things that you know, and all of the things that you want your readers to know, but pacing out how you reveal them is something that takes a great deal of skill, and also a great deal of restraint. What is the best way to go around doing it? And what are the pitfalls to avoid?

In the first part of the episode, Mathieu Moyen of 6-Commando interviews Tony Bourne, creator of the graphic novels The Fed and Gen-Eg, and the webcomic The 388th, about life experience informing fiction, using reality as a model for world-building, and pacing out information on a story’s world and background in a believable way.

Then, Colby Purcell of Lintier leads a roundtable discussion between Robin Childs (Leylines), Sophie Pfrötzschner (Soul’s Journey) and Denise Randall (The Only Half Saga, Gemutations: Plague) about drawing on life to write fiction, building convincing fictional worlds with real experience as source material, and revealing your world’s inner workings without overwhelming your readers.

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