A Creators-First Collective

SpiderForest is a creator-run, volunteer-driven webcomics collective. We span genres, art styles, and continents. We have members with decades of experience, as well as new voices.

All of our comics have one important thing in common: the creator’s vision comes first.

We are not a publisher. We do not have an in-house art style, a company brand, or a mandate towards marketability. What we do have is high-quality, unique stories and a passion for excellence and growth in the comics medium.

SpiderForest At-A-Glance

  • Established in 2004.
  • Features curated free-to-read webcomics vetted by creators dedicated to the craft. We currently offer over 100 high-quality webcomics across diverse genres… and growing.
  • Run by a self-sustaining volunteer community focused on peer support and collaboration.
  • Is international, with members hailing from countries such as Canada, Finland, Iceland, India, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Russia, UK, and the USA.
For more information on how we operate, see About Us and our Policy Charter.

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  • 02 Nov

    SpiderForest News for November 2020

    by | No Comment

    Our November Header comes to you with a small sneak peek at all of the contributors to Threads: Secret Places with the frame and images compiled by Duskglass who...

  • 20 Oct

    Now on Kickstarter: Threads: Secret Places!

    by | No Comment

    We launched our Kickstarter for Threads: Secret Places a few days ago and we’re already climbing toward halfway funded! This collection of 17 brand new standalone short comics explores everything...

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