Self-Publishing Questions

Robin Childs of LeyLines takes on common self-publishing questions, including how to pick the right printer for your project, how to fund it, and links to how to lay out your book for print.

Resources for Comickers

This masterlist of links curated by Joumana Medlej of Malaak: Angel of Peace has beginning and advanced tutorials for art, lettering, websites, printing, and marketing for your comic.

Fantasy Map Tutorial

A step-by-step graphic on how to make a cool-looking fantasy map by Tiffany Munro of Saerin and Stargazer’s Gate, including fonts, icons, and parchment background packs for easy building!

Making Speech Bubbles


Darwin of Gemutations: Plague and The Only Half Saga explores different techniques for making speech bubbles in Photoshop.

Photoshop Tutorials


Join Darwin of Gemutations: Plague and The Only Half Saga with a few classic tutorials about flatting, drawing hair, coloring lineart, and using Photoshop’s text tools.

Masterlist of Printers


This list of printers curated by Varethane of Chirault covers everything you need to print your comic and convention/Kickstarter buttons, prints, stickers, business cards, and swag!

Making of dream*scar


Heather Meade of dream*scar shows a walkthrough of her page process, with techniques on sketching, hair, eyes, and coloring effects.

Making of Ironclad Man


M. Franklin Hance of The Ironclad Man shows a step-by-step process of how he creates pages, from sketching in Photoshop to inking and coloring.

Making of Kaspall


Lucy Lyall of Kaspall and Spare Keys for Strange Doors shares a comprehensive overview of her scripting and traditional art process, including scanning, inking, and finishing techniques.

Inking Speed Video


Watch Burell Gill Jr.’s digital inking process for Demon Hunter Kain with his Cintiq 12WX and Manga Studio EX 4.

Retconning your Comic


Is it ever okay to change your writing or art after making your comic to improve it?  Or should you just leave it alone? Christina Major of Sombulus describes the hows and whys of webcomic retcons.

Writing Vampires


Sarah Nelson of Daniel goes over what she’s learned from writing vampire stories over the years and gives advice on how best to approach them.