New Year’s brings new beginnings, resolutions, and renewal of spirit! Already SpiderForest and its multitude of creators have big plans in store for the coming year! Check out the Happenings!

Comics of the Week 2018!

Let’s start the New Year off by promoting our membership and their awesome comics! Beginning January 8th and going through the week of February 26th, Creators and Teams will be promoting other comics in the collective weekly! There will be two to three comics grouped by relative genre or area of interest for you to check out! Stop by your favorite SpiderForest Webcomic or the Spiderforest Home Page for each week’s offerings!

SpiderForest Podcasts on YouTube!

The SpiderForest Podcast is now on YouTube! Subscribe to our channel to listen to our first season, and stay tuned for Season Two starting up soon!


Soul’s Journey is turning 3 on Jan 1st, 2018. Help Sophie celebrate the occasion.

New Webcomic Release!

Darwin’s newest webcomic entry Michael will be kicking off January 1st! In her first Teen-Rated Webcomic, we move 16 years into the future of the Gemutations Universe: What would it be like to be a genetically mutated human (gemue) in an all human high school? Michael is about to find out, and he only hopes he survives his Freshman year!

New Year’s Returns!

Soul to Call will return from winter break on Monday, January 1st.

Arbalest will return from winter break on January 1, 2018 with a brand new update schedule! Beginning in January, Arbalest will update with ONE PAGE A DAY for the FIRST FIVE DAYS of each month. That’s five brand new pages to kick off each month, folks, so keep your eyes on your calendars.

James Nelson’s
Monster Lands will resume updates on Monday, January 8th.

Sunset Grill will be returning to regular updates beginning January 16th!

Title Unrelated will be returning to regular updates sometime Mid-January! Stay tuned!