• I couldn’t for the longest time figure out how to make custom speech bubbles for my comics. And people told me how to do it, but it didn’t sink in. So for people like me who need to see the process in depth, I created a humble tutorial on how to create a speech bubble.

    Then in 2011, I decided to use paths and shapes to see if I could create something better than before.

    Whadda ya know, I liked it better. The images are cleaner than the marquee tool speech bubbles I was so fond of before. It also seems to be easier to use (eliminating the step of combining shapes into one layer – this puts them all on one layer right off the bat).

    Feel free to use these tutorials, download them, link them, and forward them to your friends!


    Tigershark06 - Creator of The Only Half Saga and Gemutations: Plague

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