Our 2020 Comic Anthology is Here!

This year, the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective challenged our members to tell us about secret places, both mundane and fantastic. They’ve come through with 17 brand new standalone short comics, from abandoned planets to fairies in the broom closet, melancholy dreams of missing family to lovers’ hideaways.  Quiet and strange, secluded and wondrous, and unexpected surprises of all kinds await in these pages!

Help us print our fourth comic anthology and join us on a journey to secret places, funding now through November 13!

Threads: Secret Places includes the following stories:

The Tell-Tale Violin by Lee Colagiacomo of Children of Shadow: Ashes – A man is serenaded by his guilty conscience.

A Bandit’s Home by Kelsey (Nutty) Peterson of Court of Roses – A bandit leader returns home, and steps down.

Roses in the Dark by Phineas Klier of Heirs of the Veil – A child steps into the secret spaces hidden in their home during their dreams.

The Under Floor by Lucy Lyall of Kaspall and Spare Keys for Strange Doors – Every house has dark spaces, where childhood fears can feed and grow.

Fool’s Gould by Kay Rossbach of Ingress Adventuring Company – Aidan is a healer with a miracle cure… but a secret mark of crimes long past hides a darker story.

Leaving This Comfortable Place by Morgan Lees of Corner the Maze – It’s hard to leave a hidden place that has been home for so long.

The Journey by Helen Greetham of Earth in a Pocket – A monk makes a secret journey to honour the wishes of their master.

Space by Ally Rom Colthoff of Chirault – While cleaning up a derelict mining station on a remote planet, the crew finds a mysterious door that’s not on any charts…

Treasure by Andy Purviance of I, Mummy. That time we stole a nail gun. Based on a true story.

The Tomb of Komarr by Felix Wright of From The Machine – A pair of adventurers explore an ancient ruin in search of lost knowledge.

Blueberry Heaven by Gheralf & Vayandil of Realm of Owls – A girl is on her way to a friend’s house when general events cause her to meet animals and smudge her hoodie.

One Question by Sophie Pfrötzschner of Soul’s Journey – In the distant castle ruins, a man reveals his heart’s intentions and makes a promise.

Housekeeping by MJ Alexander of The Stoop Gallants – Maxwell finds an infestation of pixies in an old closet.

Ours by Karen Heckman (Kiidkat) of Last Traveler – A discussion about leaving prompts an emotional response.

Heart Hill by Deo Iadicicco of Millennium – A gorgeous sunset on a rushing waterfall is nothing compared to the beauty of a secret love.

King Dog by Zappit of Supervillianous – Behold the secret kingdom of His Royal Highness, the Goodest Boy Who Ever Ruled, Yes He Is!

Into the Void by Denise Randall of Darwin Comics – A routine inventory leads to a different world…. or does it?

Previous Collaborations


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A Chance for Childhood

An original zine with never-before-seen illustrations from over 50 independent comic creators from the international webcomic community to benefit the 2019 humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Each artist or team was given the same prompt: “draw your original characters as children having fun.” All illustrations are appropriate for all-ages. Download it here!

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