20 brand new standalone short comics, scary and sillyabout everything from haunted houses to haunted birdhouses, from skeletons in the closet to possessed robot vacuums, from warlocks and demons to soldiers and hitchhikers.

A Chance for Childhood

An original zine with never-before-seen illustrations from over 50 independent comic creators from the international webcomic community to benefit the 2019 humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Each artist or team was given the same prompt: “draw your original characters as children having fun.” All illustrations are appropriate for all-ages. Download it here!

Threads: A Gallery of Rogues

16 short comics about our favorite rogues! Here you’ll find everything from elvish thieves to space pirates, outlaw mages to cyberpunk con men, demon pickpockets to trickster snakes.

Volume 1

Our first collective anthology! We created 20 brand new short standalone comics in a variety of genres, from fantasy to cyberpunk to surreal, all incorporating spiders or forests in some way.

Coloring Book

A fun coloring book with lineart from over 20 comic artists in the SpiderForest community. Color our comic art and learn about our stories!