We thank all of the contributors to zine, who donated their time and talent to making this project a reality. Comics self-rated by their creators as marked below as either All Ages, Youth, Teen, Mature, or Not Safe for Work(NSFW)/Adults Only:

Momoru (Artist) and Jean Q. Citizen (writer/creator): Alvery Nerveaux’s Secret Case Files (Teen)

L. Potyondy-Edens: Arbalest (Mature)

mightguy15: Baxton is not a Hero (Teen)

Caroline Parkinson: Beneath The Clouds (All Ages)

Kirstin Lee: Black Shallows (Teen)

Kristina Caruso: broken (Mature)

dyohna: Cafe on Crepe Island (All Ages)

Morgan E. Lees: Corner the Maze (Teen)

Jon Kay: Cosmos (All-Ages)

Kelsey Peterson: Court of Roses (Teen)

D Ingram: Cross (Teen)

Blue Dragon/Ashleen Woods: Dark Horse (NSFW)

Classynerdpot: Dust and Bones (Teen)

Sparkleswords: Edge of the Night (Teen)

Olga Makarova: Gifts of wandering ice (Youth)

UberNooga: Ignotus (Mature)

BluRaven C. Houvener: It’s Just another day (Mature)

Koreantacos: Ivolice and the Emissaries (Teen)

Beth Zyglowicz: Lanterns of Arcadia (All Ages)

Karen H (Kiidkat): Last Traveler (All Ages)

RM Dooley: Legio Arcana (Teen)

Erin Ptah: Leif & Thorn (Teen)

Julian Dominguez, Esther Pimentel, Toben Racicot: Littlelight Asylum (All Ages)

J.M. Henry: Lostland (Teen)

Rulopótamo and Shadow: M9 Girls! (Teen)

MK_Wizard: MK’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (All Ages)

Eicue: No (Teen)

Shizamura:  O Sarilho (Teen)

Marius Hjelseth: October 20 (Mature)

The Parmeshen team: Olivia Wylie and Nonir Amacita: Parmeshen (Mature)

Jeannie Harmon: Ruby Red (Teen)

Lime Robertson: Ruu & Walter (Teen)

Christina Major: Sombulus (Youth)

Sophie Pfrötzschner: Soul’s Journey (Teen)

Lucy Lyall: Spare Keys for Strange Doors (Teen)

Elsa Kroese: Spindrift (Teen)

Zappit: Supervillainous (Teen)

Timelapse11: Surge (Teen)

Robert L. Eoff: Symphorians (Youth)

Joshua N Boren: Synexn City (Mature)

Noorie: The Better Place (Youth)

wnqs: The Cat, the Vine and the Victory (Teen)

Daniel Sharp, Kelverse: The Demon Archives (Mature)

Robert M. Cook: The Mansion of E (Teen)

Denise Randall: The Only Half Saga (Mature)

AlfaFilly: The Selection (Teen)

Lisa Nguyen: The Solitary Divide (Mature)

Vera Kulikov: Wednesday7 (Teen)

Tantz Aerine: Without Moonlight (Mature)

Kristen Kiomall-Evans: XII Of Magic and Muses (Teen)